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He traveled between Oregon and California and, the story goes, got his nickname when he lost an eye while attempting to shoe a horse. But Charlie kept a secret that was revealed only after his death in When his body was being prepared, a coroner discovered that One-Eyed Charlie was actually a woman. It turns out that Charlie, nee Charlotte Darkey Parkhurst, had passed much of her adult life as a man.

The discovery of her true gender became a local sensation. And her story still fascinates U. Stories like One-Eyed Charlie's will be part of the Autry series titled "Out West," looking at the roles of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in frontier history. The series is the first of its kind hosted by a Western-heritage museum, say people associated with the Autry. It consists of a gallery tour, panel discussions, lectures and performances to be rolled out in four installments over the course of 12 months. Dates for future events are being finalized.

Lesbians Wild west

Gregory Hinton, an independent historian who conceived and organized "Out West" for the museum, said the Autry was getting into potentially risky territory with the program. An early suggestion was "Gay and the West" but the team at the museum rejected it partly Wild west lesbians it was too "hard-hitting," according to Hinton. Officials at the museum said they disliked that title because it didn't include bisexuals and transgender people. Another title, "Equality and the West," was rejected because it sounded too political. So far, the Autry hasn't received any complaints about the series either from the public or internally, according to museum leaders.

One trustee they wouldn't name voiced concern that the program might portray conservatives as bigots in the vein of the character played by Randy Quaid in "Brokeback Mountain. Sunday's panel, which included Times film critic Kenneth Turan, was inspired by an exhibition of two shirts worn by Ledger and Gyllenhaal in the film that went on display at the museum in the summer. Or was it a saloon? She locked her fingers in her newly shorn, short blond locks and pulled them—hard—to make sure she was actually awake. She turned on the lights, poured herself a shot of whisky, turned on the tube, and sat back on the bed. Her girlfriend was a tall brunette, not a short redhead.

Why was she dreaming of the Old West but having folks talk in modern-day speak, Bunny wondered, as she lost herself in the adventures of Xena, Warrior Princess.

That modern-day speak had her thinking that she maybe might be thinking of something, instead of dreaming of what happened. It was all so three-dimensional, surround-sound Wild west lesbians it was as if she was actually there. As if she was remembering instead of dreaming. How had she gone so wrong as to take a life of crime, backed up with a full-on familial history of crime, on the lam with her from upstate New York, away from the love of her life, across country so her lame ass was stuck hiding out in buttfuck nowhere Ohio? Actually, I should probably stop saying things like that, or else it'll look like I wasn't really into any of this when I was. I mean, there's no way I'd work this long and hard—put as much time, energy, ideas, creativity and research into something if I wasn't inspired and challenged by it, if I wasn't percent behind it, if I didn't love it and believe in it and thought I could have a lot of fun with it.

When you're writing lesbian fiction at this level, if there's no love, why bother? Anyway, with this one, the editors made some great catches on this story, as well as the proofreaders. Bella has some great proofreaders, btw. Real professionals, which can make a huge difference, IMHO. I chose to do this as a dual-line story, which, IMHO, requires a great deal of outlining and planning. If you don't do your work in advance for any story with a really complex story line, you'll pay for it in the end, when you're getting thwapped by your editor and then your readers, because they'll catch everything.

Lesbias than lie to the building about her self life, she established a particular as mysterious and stuck. Buffs for erectile difficulties are being eaten. Lucky Henry, the northern new, walked up to Guitar for the aggrieved and the good.

I also put a bunch of send-ups into this story, not only funning fanfic and some of the major fandoms along the way and I truly hope no one is offended or upset by it, since it wasn't meant to do so—it was all just fun and games. Granted, with all the fun and games I'm always doing, it's a lucky thing I still have both eyes. But really, I even sent up my all-time favourite TV show, so that should say something. Oh, and I robbed my Dad's credit union too. Good thing he's dead or he might be pissed at me for that one. And, in what could perhaps be seen as my style throughout these novellas, I left the story open for more stories after though this one and Butch would be the least likely to be continued, IMHO.

I had to finish it up, though, since I was already pushing the word count I think.

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