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The Joy of Gloves The weather is so lovely today, perfect for catching up on some laundry for the shop. As you know, everything at Circa is cleaned before it goes in, and for most items of vintage clothing that entails hand washing. I collect them throughout the year and every few months, do a big wash — this is a smaller one than usual. I bought the local shop out of pegs before doing this one: Today I divided them into plains and coloureds — plains are the whites, the creams and the beiges. Most vintage gloves come in these colours, and as unexciting as they are to our modern eye, they were the perfect companion to an outfit back in the day.

And, of course, they usually matched her shoes and handbag.

These are the plains — the coloureds are next. The same goes for rings. As touched on in the second point in this list, fabrics need to work in tandem to ensure that gloves and your clothes look their best together. Generally speaking similar fabrics and fabric Vintag go well, but a subtle degree of contrast say nylon gloves with a silk dress or crochet gloves with a cotton blouse wyite be whitw beautiful together. So long as one does not whitf overshadow the other, you're whlte the bloves path. You want them to compliment or tastefully standout from these items, but not to Vintafe comically out of place.

A sense of harmony amongst all the elements of your outfit is one of the best ways to instantly be the most stylish women in any room and is, to my mind, a point that is often sorely lacking in contemporary fashion where patterns, fabrics, lengths, textures and jewelry are mixed and matched with near reckless abandonment of the art of fine dressing. At times there can be something a touch jarring about a flash of bare skin between a jacket sleeve and a glove, save for with the most casual of styles say a cotton bolero jacket and pair of crochet summer weight shorties. When in doubt, opt for longer rather than shorter glove lengths.

Your sleeves will cover them and if you remove your jacket and have a short sleeve garment below, they'll provide a bit of warmth and glamour at the same time. As pants and shorts were newcomers to most women's wardrobes from the point of the s onward, and then until the s commonly worn only in very casual, rugged or sporty settings, or when a woman was entertaining in a hostess pants suit indoors, the rules of glove decorum weren't as tied to pants or shorts as they were to skirts and dresses. The two, save for winter gloves worn for warmth, not for the sake of fashion, have not spent a lot of time together in the world of ladies wear over the decades.

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It is also gloevs rare to find historical examples of women wearing shorts Glvoes gloves, simply Vingage shorts have long been such a casual garment and thus gloves were not called for. If you do opt to pair the two, make sure they look incredible together and ideally stick with wrist or mid-forearm length gloves at the very most. This whiite of stylish young s women, both of whom sport trousers here, for example did not wear gloves and they would seem out-of-place glovees the context of these easy going daywear Vintagf. Much as with vintage hats, it's easy wite feel self-conscious about donning vintage gloves at first.

To help counterbalance these feelings, I suggest beginning with wrist or coat length gloves in light white, cream, beige, pale grey, nude, the softest pastels, etc and dark neutral hued gloves such as black, brown and navy blue first. Stick to classic fabrics like suede, kid leather, and cotton and opt for at least one other accessory or piece of jewelry in the same colour or nearly so to keep give your outfit a sense of cohesiveness and make your gloves appear to jump out at onlookers a little less. Chances are, the longer you wear vintage gloves, the more you'll begin to feel at home in them and want to start building up your glove wardrobe and getting more adventurous with the styles, lengths and colours you sport.

These six or so pairs, especially if they're in various fabrics, sheens, weights, etc will provide you with a surprising number of stylish options. There are very few outfits that can't work with either white or cream or conversely black, brown, dark grey or navy blue gloves just as the same rings true for shoes and handbags in the same hues. As with clothing, some glove fabrics hold up better than others. Intact vintage silk gloves are fairly hard to find these days for that very reason.

Gloves Vintage white

Sheer and extra delicate fabrics are prone to runs and rips. Pale leathers glove suedes stain easily, and synthetics often absorb dirt and stains and aren't quick to release them upon laundering, so it never hurts glovfs try and think about glovs you'll be sporting your gloves and what you'll be Vintage white gloves them while they're on before you pick a pair at home. When it comes time to launder my gloves which I do glives with those fabrics that can be safely washed - a camp that suede and leather do not usually fall into, however as this s Women's Home Companion article shows, in some cases, it is possible to successfully do soI always fittingly, one might say: In a pinch I have even shaved a few flaks off of a bar of Dove soap and successfully used that to get my gloves spic and span again.

Assuming your gloves are not made of an especially delicate fabric, gentle hand laundering followed by air indoors or out drying will help keep stains at bay and may prolong the life of your favourite pairs. Gloves can usually be mended to a degree. If a split or small hole occurs on a seam, the glove can usually be turned inside out and fixed with small stitches and thread in a matching hue.

Though most folks today will not be aware of traditional glove etiquette and thus oblivious to if you're violating it, as vintage loving ladies, it never hurts to observe the following classic glove etiquette rules: If you need to remove them, slip them into your purse or a coat pocket to cut down on the risk of accidentally losing one or both gloves. You can also purchase a handy little device called a glove clip that will help keep your gloves in place wherever you may happen to take them off track down a vintage version, they're easy to find, especially online, as they tend to be more attractive than their plastic modern counterpoints. When it comes to storing your vintage gloves, my post on the subject and some wonderful further suggestions in the comments on it should really help steer you in the right direction.

While it's a-okay to keep those bags in general I have a few tucked away myselfit's recommended that you do not store your gloves themselves in them, if at all avoidable. Such bags are not archaically safe usually and may do more harm then good to your lovely vintage gloves in the long run. You could blow into them, as if blowing up a balloon, to puff them up a bit from the inside. Then you were to lay them out, flat, away from heat and sunlight, to dry. When almost dry, preferably not quite completely dry, you were to put them back on and ease them over your hand, smoothing out the fingers and lengthening them, to cover you hand comfortably.

The gloves looked a bit wrinkly after hand washing, but looked fine and elegant again after a few minutes on the warm human hand had eased out the wrinkles. With proper hand washing and care a high quality pair would last a long time. Of course colored gloves should always be washed and dried separately from white ones lest the dye run and inadvertently tint the white and cream ones! In the Joy of Gloves Nicole Jenkins tells of collections of gloves she has come across when buying entire wardrobes for her shop. That must be fun!

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