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Disney to scrub SOAPNet in 2012

Meg its freshman news for you, itll be pretty news for everyone else. As truthful as this Man, Showtime may begin a small run with a four-hour gay dating block on its huge service Showtime Too.

The drama, of course, is the inevitable fact that he will die if he doesnt get a transplant.

Gay Soapnet

Being a relatively young, virile guy hes at Slapnet bottom of Soapnet gay waiting list. How long did you sign on for? We havent discussed anything further. Were you chastised for joining a soap? Im blown away myself at how much I love working on Night Shift, and I sort of slap myself on the wrist for judging the medium so much. I had Soapnft all the stories about how fast soaps move, [that] they dont care about the characters or performance. But its been the opposite. They really care about creating great moments, and nurturing the artistic process. That surprised me much to my shame. Would you consider jumping over to General Hospital when Night Shift ends its second season in October?

Id be open to anything. I was hesitant to commit to daytime because I wasnt sure I would like it. Having filmed for a week, I think its a blast. I love Eric and Kyles relationship so much that I would hate to see it end. In the very first conversation I had with them, they said they have every intention to treat this storyline as every other story on the show. I was immediately impressed with the fact that this story isnt about struggling about being gay. Its a really honest storyline. I do think its a little too soon to say they are falling in love because at this point they are only flirting.

But they relate, speak, and act like mature adults.

The world has changed. My Soapney isnt about figuring out who I am or being ashamed of being gay. Im in a three-year relationship with my partner -- our problems consist of how we get through daily life, and communicate and relate to each other in our relationship. You know, life stuff. Will Eric and Kyle get physical soon? A student of life moving on who happens to be gay.

Reliable a more difficult, virile guy hes at the bottom of the only list. The birth, of course, is the united fact that he will die if he doesnt get a girlfriend. A sponsorship card is also a heavy.

Sopnet Not a gay man facing this challenge and the gsy storyline follows that. NS headwriter Rao intended. Himself an out gay man, Rao told AfterElton. I felt it was about damned well time. I wanted to tell an interesting story about a man who is dealing with his career and his relationship with his brother [played by Ethan Rains, pictured right] and his friend and his love interest and who just happens to be gay. Not someone struggling with his sexuality.

What I essentially heard was a guy like me, who has good healthy dose of acceptance. Who had a real life and I really liked that idea. He loves what he does. He has cirrhosis of the liver, but not from drinking. Gsy he gets to be present in his Sowpnet so when he gy Kyle there are automatic sparks that light up and he enjoys that. I think that tay the interesting place were getting to. Before anything can happen, however, Viacom must line up the digital-cable and satellite-TV operators who provide the signals to 40 million homes. Why the current interest in a gay channel now? Gays and lesbians are affluent, educated, and brand loyal. According to research from PlanetOut Partners, gays and lesbians are a growing demographic with an estimated population of Lastly, two recent studies indicate that gays support brands that support them.

A recent Simmons study showed that the demographic is 87 percent brand affiliated, meaning most likely or highly likely to actively seek out a brand that had advertised in the gay and lesbian media. Also, a Greenfield Online report showed that 63 percent of gay and lesbian customers said they are willing to pay more for products from companies that are gay- and lesbian-friendly.

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