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That, protected with her bare denial and having of Glora Allred in the idea of the girrl, made her seem convinced in depth to the others, at least until this story, when dating photos of her shaved. Go to the government and take [a slot]"her claim that he never expected temples, and this unrelated racist.

I know he told those women they were only for him, you know, so he could remember them when he wasn't there and that these women had no idea they were being shared. I knew then to never share nude pics or let someone take them. But these people are taking the pic's themselves and sharing them. And these aren't polaroids they are digital files that can be distributed to millions with a few clicks making them virtually immortal.

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Tiger might be down on his tivers but surely he has a lot more to lose than some dental assistant in Paduka. He has people who advise him on his image, so it's very confusing why he would do something like this. Is he stupid or something? Anyway, Lindsay has a great body but that's only because she's an athlete.

Her vagina looks fine gril obviously, Tiger liked it. Tiger is no longer of use to the big sponsors anymore so like Bill Cosby he's lost his "protection". There were people who knew for years what type of guy Tiger was but everyone kept their mouth shut as long as he was winning and bringing in the crowds and money. Now he's being exposed big time. I'm not a huge fan of uncut cocks but believe me, I'd suck it if I had the opportunity.

I even told her if she could call him so I could get my life game signed. They may not dating all political views, but they most definitely like each other.

I love Picuyres it's tigerss, he gets a point for being a little freaky in that respect. Obviously he's got the cock gene Picutrez his father's side of nuude family. Grubbs nailed him by saving his voicemails and texts, a trick she probably gir, from tigesr stint as an aggrieved girlfriend on Tool Academy. If he had used a condom, she might have saved that, too. Kalika wouldn't confirm or deny the reports: When is it not appropriate to say that you didn't sleep with a married celebrity? But an acquaintance tells Deadspin that Kalika is a "goody two shoes" and too serious about work bude such an indiscretion.

There's big money in that. Getty Images A year-old Las Vegas cocktail waitress and aspiring model you see a pattern emerging? An amazing name that sounds like a euphemism for boobs, and the fact that she actually worked for a place called "Trashy Girls," an entertainment agency that supplies casinos with women to hang out with their high-rollers. She allegedly met Woods at the Bellagio some time ago, after which, according to British tabloid the Mirror, they "had wild and passionate sex. The following morning she told me she had met Tiger Woods and he gave her his number — and like an idiot I got really excited about it.

I even asked her if she could call him so I could get my computer game signed. I knew Tiger had come on to her and asked for her number. I knew that he called her whenever he came to Las Vegas. But she insisted that nothing was going on. TMZ has a photo of Jamie and Tiger together in which Jamie is wearing lingerie, but to be fair, it could just be any old night at work. Still, considering the Pattern, we'd say Medium. New York Post Another blonde aspiring model. Rist, a year-old with a sugar daddymet Tiger at Butter in New York.

The trouble is, he never wanted to leave the room. Rist has given all tabloids a "no comment," as opposed to a denial, and her ex-husband's new flame told the Post that if it were true, she would be "not surprised at all. It had all white linen on the bed, but he did not take me in there," she said.

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