Olay pro-x facial cleanser reviews

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Olay Professional Pro-X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser 6Z

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Once you have treated your entire face, rinse your face and then apply a SPF or evening moisturizer. I do not use this product on bare skin at all. The exfoliating action of the Olay microdermabrasion Pro-X brush also removes dead skin cells that soap and water do not, which may improve skin tone and encourage the growth of new cells. My advice to those with dry skin is to ditch the use of heavy products with chemicals immediately!

Cleanser reviews Olay pro-x facial

I asked her what she used and she replied, "Would you think I am gross if I told you I cleanserr not wash my face with any soaps? No need for heavy creams and cleansers if your skin is healthy. While the brush is designed to be gentle on all skin types, if you experience new or worsening breakouts or any other type of skin irritation, discontinue use of the Olay Pro-X microdermabrasion products and consult your dermatologist. If you must, see a dermatologist to clear any infections first and then start using only water to wash your face if you do not use makeup. The natural oils slowly start to come back and your skin starts to heal.

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Okay cleansr I am xleanser all natural and this product is cheating, I know but it really has been good to my face. The exfoliation caused by the action of the brush results in a deep-down clean that also opens the pores so that medicated washes or other cleansers are more effective. I am done letting these companies ruin our skin with ingredients we cannot pronounce. Brunette, Straight, Fine Eyes: Be sure to replace the brush head at least once a month for best results and to avoid the spread of acne-causing bacteria.

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