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It may have been unconscious, but when the first generation of women to enter art school in the comparisohs 19th century turned to this subject, they often depicted her less passively than did their artist brothers. Inthe German Paula Modersohn-Becker painted Mother And Child Lying Nude, the two curled in towards each other, the mother's hand protectively around her baby's head. In France between the wars, Suzanne Valadon, a former model of Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec and Degas, produced nudes that owed nothing to the example of these masters.

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Hers are absorbed in an activity: Compsrisons in comparisonx career in cmoparisons s, the American Alice Neel decided that she could get to the soul of her subjects by painting them without their clothes. Pregnant Bory And Agis of shows not ar a pregnant reclining nude, but one compafisons a partner who i her as his own with Nudd arm over her shoulder. InNeel lay John Perreault on a bed with one knee bent umage, one arm propping up his head and his genitals prominent. A reclining nude, for sure, but also a portrait whose alertness - and maleness - undercuts the reclining nude convention. Since defencelessness is its strongest characteristic, it is rare compwrisons find a male reclining nude.

In art, the admired nude male is upright and active. The horizontal male is a male at his weakest. In classical art, the male reclining nude appears in the form of a vanquished warrior and in western art as the crucified Christ held in his mother's arms or Comparisona shorn of his strength by the wily Delilah. So rarely do bovy inhabit the range NNude female poses and aet that the exceptions strike us with great force. In late 18th-century France, a feminised man appears in certain paintings, lying around like clmparisons woman. Depictions of ib nudity A Nude Boy on a Beach by John Singer Sargent In classical works, children were rarely shown except for babies and putti.

Before the era of Freudian psychoanalysis, children were assumed to have bodg sexual feelings before xrtso naked children were shown as symbols of pure innocence. Boys often swam nude, and were shown doing so in paintings by John Singer SargentGeorge Bellowsand others. Other images were more erotic, either symbolically comparusons explicitly. Female artists were not allowed access to nude models and could not participate in this part of the arts education. This bpdy silly, but in a way humans do the same thing with two-dimensional images. And that is why this boddy is compadisons important to include, because not only is it two-dimensional like the rest of thembut also so simple in form im it is reduced to a mere symbol, yet we hypothesize that it will still be viewed as highly sexual by our spectators.

Our survey will consist of a number of both quantitative and qualitative questions. Following the question on background information, the respondent will be shown the series of nine images. The rating scale will be from1 being low and 5 being high. Subjects will then be offered a word bank including words like sensual, taboo, seductive, elegant, flowing, and delicate. From these words, the respondent will be asked to describe the image by circling words from the list. They may circle any number of words they choose, and the lists will be consistent through all of the images.

Based on the responses to the questions, the respondents will be separated in three groups: Then they will be asked their opinion on what makes a work of art beautiful, what makes an image sexual, what makes an image pornographic, whether or not they feel that naked body is something to be ashamed of, and the last question will ask how much of an influence the respondent feels sex or sexuality has on how they actively view the world? We will work as a team to agree upon images and plan the organization of the surveys. We will also analyze the complied data and construct the paper as a group.

We plan to pick a final set of images and write our survey during the week of February 21st through the 24th. By March 27th we hope to have all of our outside research of past works finished. We are aiming to have finished fifty surveys by April 7th. Results Because our study offered a large number of variables and possible correlations, we performed multiple comparisons and tests on different sections of our data to sufficiently answer all of our original hypothesis questions. This first chart below offers a visual representation of the average ratings given to each image on the main categories of the sexual quality of the painting, listed first for each image, and the artistic or aesthetic quality which is listed second for each image.

Both categories are based on the 5 point scale on which they were rated by the respondents. Images 1, 3, and 5 were rated much higher on the artistic section than in the sexual rating. However, many others, such as images 2, 4, and 6 were rated nearly equal in each section. To gain solid proof on this issue and to have an object test that addressed our main hypothesis on the general tendency for people to rate an image higher sexually, we did a one-way t-test in the JMP program on all of the scores for the combined images. In this test, we compared the total sexual and total artistic ratings. Contrary to our initial assumptions, the artistic rating in the column on the left is visibly higher than the sexual rating on the right.

It was therefore proven that our respondents were more likely to rate the images higher in the artistic category than in the sexual category. Secondary Hypothesis Questions As an extension of our main hypothesis, we posed a secondary hypothesis that the level of exposure a respondent had to art and art museums would have a positive correlation to a higher artistic rating for the paintings. To address this question, we divided our respondents into three categories based on their claimed exposure level to art: To begin testing the effect of exposure levels, we calculated the average of each artistic rating for all of the images combined and used that average to detect differences.

The t-test performed on the average art rating by the exposure level did not show significant differences. The P-value for this t-test was greater than 0. This test proved that the level of exposure the respondents claimed did not have a significant effect on the level of beauty or artistic value they perceived in the images. We performed a similar test to the previous one, an average sexual rating t-test by exposure level. Again, the P-value was greater than 0. The level of exposure did not have a significant effect on the sexual rating of the images. We decided to inquire deeper into these questions and perform further tests because all of our images were extremely different in content from each other.

To address another hypothesis we created concerning the affect the gender of the respondent had on their perceptions of the images, we also performed t-tests on both artistic and sexual ratings by gender for each image. For nearly every individual image, no statically significant differences were found. This series of graphs shows the results for image 2, Blessed Mother by Richard Phillips, as an example of the results found.

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Compariosns top two graphs are iimage tests on the effect of atr level on art ratings on the left and sexual ratings right. The bottom two graphs display the effect of gender on art compariosns the left and sexual ratings right. For image 2, as for nearly all of the images, the p-values for every comparison were greater than 0. Only one t-test performed on the individual images resulted in a significant difference. For image 7, K by William Bailey, the t-test done on the sexual ratings by gender showed that men significantly rated the image higher on the sexual scale than women. This graph visualizes the difference. The p-value for the test was 0. Image 7 was statically proven to be perceived as more sexual by men than women.

One area in which our results were significant was the tests done to investigate the differences in the way each image was rated. In the test done on sexual rating by image, there was a significant difference found in the way each image was rated. The p-value was less than 0. This graph also separated the images into groups based on their ratings and shows the order of sexual ratings for each image.

The similar test done on artistic scores by bovy also proved significantly different. The p-value was again less than 0. The order of images by artistic rating from highest to lowest was: Male and Female Word Arg While tallying up the outcomes for the adjectives chosen to describe the images by both males and females we found that there was a commonality of words used to describe each image. Another example is the image Boddy Shepard Paris in imagee the word graceful was used often by compaeisons males and females. This generality of word choices occurred throughout all of the images, illustrating that there ni words in our list that applied specifically to different images.

We hypothesized that there would be a difference in the way females used the adjectives to describe the images from the way males used them. In other words, we thought that the females and males would react independently of one another. While it appeared that this might be so through simply observing the surveys and writing down the various words chosen, it turned out that the responses of males and females were not independent of one another. We found this through a statistical test conducted through the JMP program.

The test is called a Spearman Rank correlation. The test compares the "rank order" of each word by number of responses of one column male against another column female. The null hypothesis of this test is that the ranks are independent of each other. Where was this in elementary school when the nuns would whack you with a ruler for slouching? TLO So, basically, stand up straight. I also find it hard to believe this is any level of insight for the average viewer. This site seems to set the bar at the soccer trophy level. Gracie, I do think you should have more than one man, and maybe some with small penises.

These new artists looked at the nude through new eyes, and questioned everything that had come before. It was a ruling that was at once both infuriating and satisfying. The majority of complaints focused not on the unclothed female body, but on the pink fan held by the figure, which the Guerrilla Girls had modified so that it became unmistakably phallic. It proved a point the group had set out to make: Is there really a difference between the naked and the nude?

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