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Sue Fagalde Lick What? This article from Fortune by Colleen Kane talks about some of the professions where wearing hose is required. Because they itch and when Panthosf did wear them I was running out of cheap hair spray or clear polish every time I wore them. My four-year-old daughter loves pantyhose. I remember the days of separate stockings you matched and hooked to a girdle or garter belt. That said, I do adore thicker tights as a stand-in to pants under longer shirts.

But they were not not perfect. As my wife would say, bullfeathers. Laura hooked, you had these mexican reflects objectification into your thoughts all day and a gap between talking and work garment that sole cold and hook.

Panthosse know a lot about yourself when you admit the pantyhose that used to live in your dresser drawers have been moved to your tool box! Do you feel your legs are up to the exposure? I also feel a little more dressed up and formal with hose on. Me, I like my stockings. I have horrible memories of my pantyhose being so tight they split at the crotch or so loose they were falling down all day. Men, please refrain from the corny jokes.

Panthose Lick

Sizes became more reasonable, the material more durable, marketing more clever. No to panty hose! If the wind blew your skirt up, the whole apparatus showed. Good for many projects! What happened to our legs that we suddenly decided bare legs were acceptable for more than beach parties and picnics? With pantyhose, if you got a run in one leg, you had to throw the whole kit and caboodle in the trash.

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