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If you have a fairly broad back, choose a drawstring style, and for even greater Fukl, a style with an underbust band. Fitting recommendations You have just received your swimsuit, beachwear or lingerie item. The small triangle shape is especially suited to cup sizes A to C. However, styles with broader straps are better suited to fuller busts. Refer to the size page on this site: You will then keep your item looking beautiful for many years to come. If they feature ties at the sides, they can be adjusted to fit the hip size.

Bikini Full support

Eres produces styles to fit all women's bodies. This style allows you to wear skirts and trousers with low waists. We also recommend that you choose one size larger than your regular size when choosing a swimsuit. Place it against your skin and measure: We're now going to share a basic rule that applies to everyone, with no exceptions: Take a look at our selection, which is the result of 50 years of experience.

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