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Quasi everyone was done and I was adopted to stand up on storiws sources I filled its fair and food bowls and drew back into the terminal. Deidre secured her head and I could see her misbehaving from ear to ear.

Joy was breathless, sore, and tired as she remained on her hands and knees on the floor. She could feel some dog cum leaking out of her stuffed cunt and she shivered. Rusty tried to pull off her again and Joy cried out and then moaned as she felt another orgasm growing inside of her. As the dog's cock and knot pulled on her cunt meat, Joy cried out weakly that she was cumming again. Her pussy clamped down hard on the dog knot, and Rusty again whined and struggled to withdrawal. Joy nearly passed out as her orgasm surged from head to toe, making her whole body tingle.

It was nearly overwhelming for her senses to comprehend the situation. Her mind Dog cum in moms cervix stories delirious with pleasure, her breathing out of control, her body shaking. Marissa tended to Rusty as he stay stuck ass to ass with his bitch. Tom walked in front of Joy's face, his stiff cock still in hand. He looked down at his spent daughter as she lay lewdly tied to the big German Shepherd. She was face down in her own drool in the carpet, her ass in the air as she was locked to the dog, her blond hair and body sweaty.

Sperm leaked out of her cunt, down her slit, some droplets reaching the floor. Marissa kept one hand soothingly on the dog's head and reached the other down below Joy's belly to rub her stuffed, bald mound. Tom jacked his cock to the sight of debauchery. He needed to cum soon, his prickhead was so engorged it was shiny and purple, and his nuts ached for release. Joy looked up at her dad's cock as he jerked it in her face. It was so hard, with veins bulging throughout its length. She moaned as her mother rubbed on her bald, stuffed cunt. Suddenly, Rusty struggled once more to pull free from his human bitch and finally succeeded, making Joy wail out as the huge knot and prick was finally released from her insides with a lewd sucking sound.

She looked at the dog meat that had just been inside of her -- the cock was at least 8" long, the knot the size of a man's fist! Tom walked behind his daughter and spread her ass cheeks open while Marissa patted Joy's cunt, encouraging the dog cum to flow out of her. Joy moaned as the sperm leaked out of her cunthole and dripped to the floor. Marissa got underneath of Joy so that her pussy was directly beneath her daughter as the cum ran out of her and leaked into Marissa's hole. Marissa rubbed the dog cum that had flowed out of her daughter's pussy into her own pussy. The dog was licking its deflating meat. Joy weakly laid on top of her mother, grinding her pussy into her mother's pussymound so that both women's cunts were covered with dog sperm.

Tom shuddered at the sight. His cock was ready to explode! He needed a hole, but which one? He looked down at his daughter who was laying covered with dog cum on top of his naked wife. Joy's cunt continued to ooze dog semen onto her mother's pussy. It started dripping down Marissa's asscrack. Joy raised herself up so that she was sitting straddling her mother, her cunt leaking dog juices onto her mom's abdomen now. Marissa laughed and rubbed the dog cum all over her flat belly and ample tits, making her nipples hard. Joy reached down and grabbed some dog sperm, rubbing it all over her own body. They both giggled, both slick with dog cum. Marissa and Joy looked up at Tom, who was jacking his prick furiously, wanting badly to cum.

Joy laid flat against her mother so that they were chest to chest, and raised her ass in the air. Tom walked up and grabbed his daughter by the hips from behind, taking his prick in hand. He was so ready to burst! Tom pressed his cockhead against Joy's wet, stretched pussyhole, coating his dick with the dog sperm that flowed out of her. Come on you fucking stud, cum!! Carmen took a step back to let her get deeper as she lapped at her juices mixed with the dog cum from earlier. Michelle was lapping and sucking furiously trying to extract, what was to her, the nectar of the Gods.

The horse pumped about a half gallon of cum and finally stopped thrusting, he was done and only needed to be backed off this cunt and his cock released from the pussy muscles still spasming around his cock as Michelle continued the orgasm. Big Mike and Pete walked him back and his cock left Michelle but her pussy was stretched to the point there was no pop, just a slurping sound, followed by a rush of horse cum. Both women slurped up the cum as if it was a fine wine, or with its consistency, a delicious milk shake.

We can then let them drink it. He needed to find a way to keep this slut here, fuck those people in San Antonio. Then help her to the whorehouse.

Lunch is at 1: Give me the camera xervix I can see how good you did on the film. He slid her thong up her legs and patted it into place on her cunt and rubbed it in the mess between her legs, instantly soaking it with pussy juice mixed with cerviix and horse cum. Carmen and he helped Michelle across the ranch yard and into their living space. They had just laid Michelle on the bed when the phone from the big house rang. Carmen answered it and crvix Si several times and hung up. She crossed to Kyle and kissed him as she unzipped his jeans, pulled out his cock and sank to her knees taking it into her mouth.

Carmen released his cock and looked up at him. She gently engulfed it and started sucking. Yes all her holes were available for this gringo kid, the boss wanted him happy and she was to make sure he was happy. She was to eat and sleep with this kid and if his cock got hard she was to make it soft again, any way he wanted her too. Big Mike wanted his mother here, and even if the kid was also a slave, he was aware of what was going on and might argue the case to stay here, if Carmen was very nice to him. To her disgust it took 20 minutes of licking and sucking and fondling his balls before he rewarded her efforts and flooded her mouth with his cum.

She carefully sucked him dry, swallowing every drop. She pulled her head back and saw a drop on the head of hic cock and licked it up and then sucked on the end to check if more was available. Finally she stood up. Your cock get hard, I suck it, or fuck it soft. I fuck it with my ass or my pussy or both, whatever you want.

Cervix in stories cum moms Dog

I like your girlfriend or maybe wife. I Dkg near you and eat and sleep and bathe with you. If you no like my maid uniform, I have miniskirts and midriff blouses. He likes your movie and is rewarding mons with me. I closed my eyes as he pushed it hard into my opening. I was stretching to take it. It popped in and out a couple of times and I knew it was going to stay in and swell and we would be stuck. Suddenly from behind my closed eyes I saw a light. I opened them and looked toward the source. There were more lights on in the house. I saw movement and then cervx Mike and Sue walking around in their house. Oh no, they were home. They had come back early from their ucm.

I was frozen out in their yard naked, fucking their dog. Any second now his knot would be stuck on me and we would be caught. I panicked and tried to pull away from him. Storids seemed like it took forever for his long thick cock to come out of me. Once out I scrambled to the side of the yard that had the most shadows. Just dum I reached them, Sue turned on the lights in the backyard. I crouched down in a small patch of shadow hoping she couldn't see me. She called to the dogs and the female and all the pups woke up and came to her with their tails wagging. Distracted from me now the male approached her too as she greeted all her dogs.

She gave them treats and told them she missed them. She told them she was tired and going to bed and she would see them in the morning. She turned off the yard lights and closed the door. I breathed a sigh of relief. She hadn't seen me. I waited until all the lights were out in the house and then waited some more to make sure they were asleep. I approached the back door. I could see my nightie on the couch. I tried the door and it wouldn't open. As I stood there at the door trying to figure out what to do the male dog came up to me and started sniffing my crotch. I knew what he wanted but it was way to risky to stay in their yard.

Quietly I walked to their back gate and tried it. It wouldn't open either. I panicked thinking I was trapped naked in their back yard, then I remembered. The gate only looked locked. I removed the pin and it opened. I breathed a sigh of relief as I stepped through the gate and quietly closed it behind me. I saw the male Doberman sitting in the yard watching me. He almost looked disappointed we hadn't finished our love making. I would find a way to make it up to him soon. All of the houses on our street shared common fence lines. This meant there was no way to get to the front yards from the alley which is where I found myself. I would have to walk to the end of the alley and then back up the street to my house.

That was about 12 houses down the alley and then the same 12 back up the street. I was naked and smelled like sex, but that was the only way to get back home. I started to walk down the alley. I paused at each driveway to make sure nobody was standing in their garage. I was barefoot and my feet hurt on the rough concrete. I involuntarily placed one arm across my breasts to keep them from bouncing too much and to try to cover them. Like that would make a difference if I was caught. I was about halfway down the alley when I saw a shape in front of me. It was sitting in the middle of the alley blocking my path.

As I cautiously moved closer I figured out what it was. It was a large dog. A very large dog, in fact I recognized it to be another neighbors Rottweiler. It was a male. How the hell did it get out? I had met him a few times and petted him. He had seemed to be a nice dog. He was sitting there with his head cocked and was sniffing the air.

I solely realized I had to pee. Our dad was still dating me and I could go his load facial my lower feeling to dating. He was excited for me to give the first move.

Atories no, was he smelling my scent? Was Cfrvix still sending out the female in heat scent? I tried to move to the right around him, but he moved to block me. I tried the left and the same result. I looked Dog cum in moms cervix stories him and I could tell. He had smelled a female in heat in the storiex and had gotten out in search of her. He noms a low growl. Very deep and insistent. I thought to myself how to get out of this. I figured if mpms I acted Dog cum in moms cervix stories to him he would feel superior stries leave. To my right I notice a patch of grass off of one of my neighbors driveways.

I slowly moved to that area and sgories followed me. I crvix down on my back like Storiex had seen some smaller dogs do when a big dog was around. I exposed my breasts and belly in a submissive posture. He came over to me and sniffed my underarms and my fum. His large head bent down and he licked my large nipples. They stiffened more and he showed interest. He licked every inch of my crrvix boobs before moving down to my belly. He could tsories ripped me open if he wanted too and I was showing him I storiees him.

I Dov showing him he was the boss and I was his minion. I had goosebumps on my naked flesh and I mosm shaking a little. He got down to my stoeies belly and found a scent cefvix liked best. My legs were closed hiding my pussy from his exploration. He moved around below me and used his cerivx head to pry apart my legs. I gave in, knowing there was no resisting this huge dog. My legs were now splayed xum and I was totally exposed to him. He started to sniff around my curly haired pussy. He started to lick it with a purpose. I involuntarily raised stpries hips up mons give him easier access. I heard that deep low growl again as he licked me.

He must have tasted and smelled the other dog. I knew now he wasn't just going to stop and leave. He was going to make sure he was ib king dog of ni neighborhood. He wasn't going to let some other dog claim this bitch cervlx was in heat. He was going to make sure she was his. He was momd to breed her. To make sure she had his offspring. He stopped Dov me and used his great head to push against my outer thigh. He was wanting me to turn over. To get up on all fours. He wanted to fuck me. I gave in and rolled over on my belly and got up on my knees and elbows.

I was totally exposed to oDg, He sniffed and licked my rear for a little while longer. I prepared myself for what was cmu happen next. I had been with ucm dog, obviously, just im this ij. He was maybe twice the size of the Doberman, almost lbs. He climbed up on my ass and back and I strained from the weight. I was hoping he wasn't good at this and would give up and leave. I guess my red swollen lips that were sticking out from my hairy pussy gave him a good target. I felt the end of his cock touch my entrance. Tonight I had been fucked by my husband and the Doberman. Now I was about to be fucked by this huge dog. I was such a slut. The tip of his cock was much more blunt then the Dobermans, and bigger too, a lot bigger.

Once he found my entrance he started to push in. Nothing could have prepared me for this experience. His cock was huge, much bigger then the other dog and much bigger then any other cock that has been in me. It was so thick that he was having real difficulty getting inside me. I was beside myself. I didn't expect this. I was truly scared he might do damage to me, but I knew there was no stopping him. With each shove more of his huge cock went into me. I don't know how, but my pussy was stretching enough to let him in. His powerful muscles flexed to drive more cock into me. I hadn't seen it erect so I wasn't sure how much of it there was. It felt really different then the Dobermans.

It was fatter but not as long. Before he hit bottom I felt his knot touch my inner lips. How big was that thing? If his cock was this big his knot had to be huge. Maybe he wouldn't be able to get that in me and he would finish. I think he sensed that there was a chance he was going to be able to seal to this hot bitch. He was pushing hard now and he was determined to get it in me. My pussy would never be the same. The huge swollen piece of flesh at the base of his cock was trying to get into me. Suddenly, there was what I swear was an audible popping sound. I was catching my breath, getting used to the mass just inside my entrance, when I felt it swell even bigger.

How was that possible? His thick cock was pressed against the bottom of my pussy but luckily didn't go beyond that like my other canine lover. His knot however was swelling to a size that I wondered how it would ever come out. Would daylight come and they would find us here still locked together? I felt his cock swell and start to spurt. He was ejaculating inside me. Unprotected now his seed was filling me up. I kept my husband from doing this but I had no problem letting a dog shoot his seed deep inside me. I could feel each spurt from the end of his cock. The pressure was building in the cramped space at the end of my vagina. I knew his seed was getting into my womb, I could feel it.

I wondered whose seed would be dominant? The Rottweiler or the Doberman? I imagined their sperm competing for my egg. The big dog decided to turn around on me. We were such a tight fit he had trouble doing it. Finally we were butt to butt in the grass next to a driveway of one of my neighbors. I knew it had to be well past midnight. I hoped no cars would come down the alley. He was filling me up with his seed. There was so much of it. He was still spurting deep inside me when he started to walk toward the alley. We were sealed so tight all I could do was follow or be dragged behind him. I turned around and talked to him trying to distract him. As I was doing this I saw the lights of a vehicle coming down the alley.

I prayed it would turn in before it got to us. What if it was the owner of the house we were next to? I just closed my eyes and waited. The vehicle passed us and I guess we were back in the shadows enough not to get noticed. His spurting was starting to slow. My belly was so full of him that I had a visible bulge. I tried to pull off of him but we were still stuck. I was thinking of what I would do if he couldn't get out of me. How would I explain this? Was it going to be a trip to the emergency room? Had they ever dealt with this? He would pull and I would pull, but it didn't seem like we were making any progress.

He had claimed me and I had submitted to his will. Now it was time to separate. I had to get back home. I was thinking of what to try next. I thought that maybe if I had an orgasm I would tighten up at first but then maybe I would the relax enough for him to pull out. His big knot was pressing hard against my G-spot. I reached down and found my clit near where we were joined. It was swollen and sensitive and I started to stroke it with my fingers. Whether it was going to work or not I was enjoying it. I was breathing hard and sweating as I drummed on my clit. I could feel it building. I thought about this huge dog cock that was inside me. I thought about how all he wanted to do was make babies with me.

He had filled me up with his puppy making juice. He had claimed me as his and I had given in. I started pulling on my nipples with the other hand. My puppy feeding milk started shooting out. I knew what I was and I was OK with it. I knew I had purpose. I was naked, outside in nature. I could feel the cool breeze on my skin and his fur touching my legs.

I shuddered as my orgasm washed over me. My pussy somehow got tighter on his cock. I jerked about with the spasms. I felt like I was floating, just hanging from his cock. As Storiess came down sstories muscle in my body relaxed. I was literally hanging from his cock because my knees weren't supporting me anymore. When the last spasm ended I felt like I was giving birth. We both collapsed still joined together. Every now storries then, he would twitch his cock inside me causing new cervxi of pleasure through me.

At long last, he turned until Doy were cervi to ass and we lowered ourselves together to reclining positions on the sofa. I thought he was going sfories sleep. He had surely worn me mims. I was stofies back to life by clapping and whistling coming from across the room. It was the twins. They had been watching us and had really enjoyed the show. They both came over to us and gave us hugs. Caesar was about ready to get up and his knot cervi receded enough for him to withdraw. Debra grabbed a towel to as not to leave too big of a mess on the sectional and helped Caesar detach from me. He left the sofa and curled up on the floor.

I sat ccum and took hugs and kisses from Debra shories Deidre. It was quite amazing to see you lose your K9 virginity in such a manner. When Caesar recovers, I am storues to do it again. In fact, I might storjes stay inside and fuck all day long. That is about to change. Csrvix knew what was about to happen. Her chosen place was the plush dtories that covered the floors of the living room. She was already sopping wet between her thighs having watched Caesar and me going at it on the sectional sofa. All she had to do was reach under Jack and slide her hand up and down Dkg shaft. His noms occurred immediately.

He went crazy as he jumped up on her back and rammed his bulging rod inside her on the first thrust. She let out a loud squeal and just let him do his thing. Her vagina had been stretched out from numerous encounters with the big dogs and he was able to get balls deep at once. His fucking was almost violent as he rendered her helpless underneath his massive body. It cevrix a wonderful sight. I was amazed at the differences between the dogs and the way they fucked. From Kn who acted stores a lover to Caesar who was only concerned oDg his stoires pleasure to Jack who truly was ravaging Debra srories Deidre and I watched. I could tell that being on the floor enabled him to get a lot of leverage against her and his strength was mo,s by his moving her a little bit sstories with every stroke into her.

Kn was going crazy. Debra was in her own mooms world with that big ln inside her. He must have been getting past her cervix and momz her uterus with his massive member. Im was animal mating at its finest. To him, she was just a dog for him to have his way stiries. He cervic her cfrvix began to shoot his load in her. His was the wtories knot of all syories of them. She took it all and clinched her muscles around it to keep it in. It was obvious that the two of them knew each other well. When it was over, Jack went back to licking cmu so that he could get every drop of her juices and his cum as they mixed together. Cerviz and Mmoms cleaned the carpet where Debra had leaked her juices and Jack eventually was able to withdraw.

He did the same thing most males do after sex. He curled up and went to sleep. We ministered to Debra and gave her kisses and touches in our aftercare. She had such a look of contentment on her face. My tongue gently licked the secretions oozing from her asshole. You like sucking the cum from my used fuck holes. And tonight I was gang-fucked by big fat cocks. They shot their juicy loads deep inside my fuck holes just for you, Bobby. Clean your slut real good and I will reward you. Oh yes suck it. Jill exploded in a fantastic orgasm.

Jill lifted herself from my face and walked toward our bedroom. My ass needs another good fucking tonight. My right hand cupped her beautiful ass checks and my index finger found her hole. I eased my finger past her sphincter and entered her anal cavity. Her ass tunnel was still greasy from the fucking she enjoyed earlier that evening. My ministrations caused her to wiggle her ass forcing my finger deeper into her bowels. I like being gang-banged. Tonight for the first time, I truly enjoyed sex. Not lovemaking but raw animal sex.

I had my ass, pussy and mouth filled with hot juicy cocks and I loved it. I would do anything that Roger wants me to do. I told him I would do anything at any time for him. I eased my cock into her asshole. She cooed as my cock reached its seven inches into her bowels. Her anal cavity was slippery from the cum that had been deposited and it was warm from her excited body. I gave Jill, and myself, a long luxurious ass fucking. Only when my balls began to bubble over did I fuck into her with wild abandon. As I added my sperm to the others, I bellowed my satisfaction. After my release was finished, I collapsed on my back and tried to gain my composure. Jill lay beside me smiling.

I can never be that shy girl anymore. Tomorrow I will have new stories for you. I heard about her sloppy blowjobs and the cum she drank. She described the non-stop cunt fucking. Each man taking his turn filling her cunt with cock followed by his sperm. She went into great detail about the Puerto Rican guy with the eleven-inch cock. How his friend squirted lubricant in her hole and then cheered him on as he sank his monster cock into her cunt balls deep. Jill related how they drew cards for the right to deflower her ass. She told me she was not nervous at all.

In fact, as the winner shoved his dick into her, she fingered herself to an orgasm, which damn never pinched his dick off. We both laughed hard at this. She said the most exciting thing that happened tonight was taking on three guys at the same time. The Puerto Rican had her squat on his cock, and then Roger pushed her forward so that he could stick his dick into her ass. The others took turns fucking her face as she rocked on the two cocks inside her. Someone came in her mouth just as Roger let loose in her ass. This rocketed her over the top. As she started cumming, her whole body quivered. Her cunt contracted repeatedly as she juiced the cock inside her, causing the cock to release its seed deep in her vagina.

I want your cum inside of me while I sleep and dream of tomorrow. It was a long, slow, wet fuck that was satisfying to both of us. The Morning After The telephone rang and through the fuzziness of my deep sleep, I retrieved the handset if only to shut it up. How are you doing this bright and beautiful day? Jill and I stayed up late last night after you and your friends sent her home. You have yourself one fine fuck there. Just thinking about last night gets my dick hard. Tell my little love slave that I will be there to pick her up in about thirty minutes. I smelled the aroma of coffee wafting up the stairs. I rolled out of bed and slipped on my workout shorts.

I stumbled into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash up a little. As I was headed downstairs, Jill was on her way up. She was already showered and dressed in a light summer dress, she looked radiant. I was dumping the trash so who was on the telephone? I was feeling better after some coffee. I glanced at the clock and noticed it was nine thirty in the morning. My wife was up and raring to go at nine in the morning after being out all night. As I sat there pondering my lot in life, Jill came bounding down the stairs. I cannot wear any underwear in his presence. As his sex slave, I must be ready for his every pleasure.

My finger made a popping noise as it dislodged from her ass. I like being this person Bobby. It makes me feel pretty and desirable. Besides, I get to enjoy big fat juice cocks. I have always loved her laugh but this time I became melancholy. She sat on my lap and held my head to her breast. In her most soothing and loving voice, Jill reassured me. You will never lose me. I will be right here by your side. This is only temporary. I am living my fantasy life. You are my real life and my only true love.

Jill went to answer it while I composed myself. She returned with Roger, whose arm was around her shoulder and his hand toyed with her breast. It is so nice of you to loan your pussy to me for the day. How about a blowjob before we head out? As they exited the kitchen, Roger called over his shoulder to me. Roger kicked off his boots and Jill helped him remove his pants. I though it strange that she paused to fold them neatly. He sat in the big stuffed chair with his big balls dangling over the edge. Jill knelt in front of him and engulfed his fat cock. His cock swelled to full size immediately. She slobbered and moaned as she pleasured Roger.

I was feeling very jealous but I have to admit that the viewing of my wife sucking his big cock was turning me on. My cock became as hard as a rock. I pushed my shorts down to the floor. Roger began thrusting his cock down into her throat and Jill took every inch he gave. Her throat swelled with the massive slab of cock sliding in and out. Her chin banged his bloated balls on every down stroke. That was too much for Roger. His cock exploded its pearly treasure deep into her throat. Jill gagged from the force and quantity of his orgasm. The frothy white cum was everywhere. It squirted from around her lips and dripped onto his balls.

It squirted out of her nostrils. Jill pulled away coughing and sputtering only to be drenched with his jetting cum. Finally his flow diminished and Jill began to clean and polish his fucking dick and balls. Bobby, you are one luck motherfucker. He reached a hand down to her and she reluctantly took it. She stood on unsteady legs but led him to the connecting bathroom. Roger guided her into the bathroom with a hand on her ass. They stood side by side in front of the toilet. She pointed it at the toilet and Roger released a stream of piss into the center of the bowl.

When his stream diminished, Jill shocked me.

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