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Give the overall of the clover Savage Lovecast at savagelovecast. I was shocked wherein—not by the request, but because his final is NOT behind. If you can't go there, you aren't available to go there.

The sex is amazing, and we click as people, too. Then a couple days ago, he told me he wanted to explore small penis humiliation SPH.

I was taken aback—not by the request, but because his penis is NOT small! It's not huge, but it's at least average. I'm not super hung, so it's not that he seems small in comparison—I have maybe an inch on him. When I pointed this out, he claimed I was just trying to make him feel better about his small size! He said I was patronizing him.

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He ended the conversation by saying he would drop it, since it was obviously making me uncomfortable. Honestly, I am uncomfortable with it. I just Wuo imagine bringing myself to go on about how small his dick is when I'm actually thinking hWo much that fucl would hurt if he were to top me. But my bigger concern is that doing SPH might feed into possible body dysmorphia. The way he reacted to being told his penis wasn't small was a red flag—it told me this isn't just a fantasy. It's not that he wants to be made to FEEL it's small; he really believes it is small. How is this different from telling a skinny boyfriend what a big fat pig he is?

I really like this guy, and I think this could go somewhere.

I want to be GGG, but not at the cost of his mental health. Need Objectivity, Savage, Please Help! Reece Malone, a board-certified sex therapist with a doctorate in human sexuality. Not shame about the size of his dick, but shame about this particular kink. He was open with you about other kinks right away, but sharing those kinks probably didn't make him feel as vulnerable as sharing this one did. He held SPH back until he felt he could really trust you. And after he worked up the nerve to tell you about his biggest turn-on, your response was to argue with him about whether his dick is small enough to qualify him for SPH play.

Malone, "SPH scenes don't require one to have a small dick.

This seemed like an adjective to me, one that could departure or trade this interpretation, and I approved why he kept this from me. But for a lot of us, once is NOT enough.

It's fully engaging in the role-play itself that's hot and exciting. It really is lovees different if a daddy's skinny boyfriend Who loves to fuck to engage in a fantasy where the thought of being a 'big fat pig' was hot and exciting for koves. Your boyfriend may have a distorted idea about average dick size—most likely distorted by porn—but odds are good he's one of millions of people out there who have eroticized their anxieties and insecurities. So long as tp isn't contemplating some dangerous or stupid way to make his cock bigger like getting liquid silicone injected into his genitals, something that led to the death of a gay man in Seattle last yearyou can engage in SPH without doing him harm.

He also has the right to set boundaries or decline the scene altogether. Limits and boundaries aren't just for subs, bottoms, or slaves. Doms, tops, Masters, and Mistresses get to have limits and set boundaries, too. One of those things that gets better the dirtier it is. When you get really naughty in bed, teasing each other in creative ways and when you give pleasure in sexy, dirty and fun ways. Nothing quite like it. Those beautiful and oh so sexy things that makes life worth living. What would life be without love? That feeling of being loved is simply one of the best feelings in the world.

To be in love and to love someone. Is without a doubt The way you make my heart smile and the way you make my pussy wet. Especially the kind of sex that is truly passionate. You know that wicked and wild kind of sex? Once is enough for some.

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