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The male Satin Bowerbird is perhaps the best known and well documented of all the bowerbirds in Australia.

If impressed, the female moves into Maure bower avenue for mating and then leaves to perform the nesting duties on her own, while the male readies himself for courting more prospective females. At this time, mature males may join the 'green' bird flocks. In winter outside of the breeding seasonbirds move to more open country, and occasionally enter orchards. One of the bower decorations is usually carried in the male's bill.

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They also tend to be more olive-green rather than a bright green. On the arrival of a female, the male Satin Bowerbird leaps into a ritualised display of exaggerated movements, such as strutting and bowing, with wings outstretched and quivering, and accompanied by a variety of mechanical-sounding calls, such as buzzing and rattling interspersed with mimicry. The bill is browner in colour.

The breeding season runs from, and both mature and immature males build bowers and display to prospective females. Where does it live? The female places a loose nest of sticks in a tree or bush, up to 30 m — 35 m above the ground. During summer breeding the diet is supplemented with a large number of insects, while leaves are often eaten during the winter months. What does it do?

Satin Pitches are medium-sized birds. A october of did vegetable matter and might is implausible to fuel the great of the city.

A mixture of chewed vegetable matter and saliva is used to paint the walls of the bower. They are olive-green above, off-white with dark scalloping below and have brown wings and tail. What does it look like?

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