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LGBT rights in Florida

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Family participation is highly encouraged, although individual concerns can Alachua florida gay addressed as well. Interface Youth Program is a short-term shelter for youth ages 10 to It offers the child or teen a safe place to sleep, personal support, nutritious food, and transportation to school. Drug Free Communities targets youth who struggle with, or are at risk for, substance use and abuse. Prevention and education are important components. Involvement can last anywhere between eight weeks to a year, and the only requirement is that the individual is under 18 at the commencement of services.

Substance abuse prevention and treatment services are offered through individual, family, or group counseling. As a result of that ruling, same-sex marriage has been legal in the state since the court's temporary injunction took effect on January 6, In Marcha bill passed the Florida Legislature House voted and Senate voted to repeal the cohabitation ban. The law went into effect on July 1, Adoption and parenting[ edit ] Inpartly due to the anti-gay Save Our Children campaign led by Anita Bryant in Miami, the Florida Legislature passed a law specifically prohibiting homosexuals from adopting children ; [14] the statute survived several court challenges, and was upheld by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in in Lofton v.

Secretary of the Department of Children and Family Services. Gillinvolving a same-sex couple raising two foster children whom they wanted to adopt, a state appeals court upheld the ruling by a lower court that the law violated equal protection rights of the couple and the children under the Florida Constitution.

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gzy The Governor and Attorney General declined to appeal the ruling further, ending Florida's year-old ban on same-sex adoptions. The legislation repeals the ban on homosexual adoption. The move came after three same-sex couples filed a federal lawsuit against the state in July over its practice of treating married same-sex couples differently by listing only one parent on their children's birth certificates.

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