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Although this is often desirable, it is less natural in appearance. Shaped implants were designed to provide a more natural shape. These implants are tapered, so they are flatter at the upper pole, and more full at the bottom, similar to the shape of a teardrop. They are often also filled with a more cohesive Augmentation breast chicago pic, so feel more firm, but have less chance of contributing to visible rippling. Keep in mind that all tapered implants must be textured so that they will remain in the correct orientation; texturing reduces natural appearing mobility.

Despite texturing, there is still a risk for rotation. For most people, the supposed advantage of a more natural shape may not actually provide the desired result. This is best discussed on an individual basis. Implants Used At Our Practice In our practice, the most common implants used are smooth round silicone implants. We offer Mentor Gel and Allergan Inspira implants. Smooth round silicone filled implants optimize comfort, longevity, and natural feel, and create a shape that is most commonly desired. Although smooth round silicone implants often provide the most comfort and longevity, some patients are still interested in choosing a saline device. For patients who desire saline implants, we are now offering a saline implant called the Ideal Implant.

This is a saline implant that has a more natural feel, similar to silicone gel. Schierle is the absolute BEST! I naturally have very small breasts. I constantly needed dresses and tops tailored, and bathing suits never fit right. During my consultation, I expressed wanting a natural look, not too big or heavy. We decided on CC implants through the armpit. In fact, I just bought a dress for my friends wedding and it fits like a glove — no alterations necessary! The different incisions include: Inframammary Incision Periareolar Incision Inframmamary Incision This incision is commonly thought of as the simplest approach and is made below the breast fold.

This incision can be a great choice for women who naturally have a fold where their breast sits on the chest wall. This allows for concealment of the incision. However, if this fold does not exist or is not prominent, it can be considered less ideal. Transaxillary Incision This incision is made under the arm. A lighted camera endoscope is used to help tunnel through the subcutaneous fat to create a pocket behind the breast where the implant will be placed. Although a more technically challenging approach, our office specializes in this technique and we believe it yields equally excellent results.

This approach can be appealing for women who would like to conceal the incision in a natural fold underneath their armpit, therefore avoiding scarring on the breast itself. Periareolar Incision This incision site is typically the most concealed due to the natural separation and color change that the eye expects to see between the breast and the areola. However, it is associated with a higher likelihood of affecting sensation in the nipple than the other incision options because the periareolar incision involves cutting through the breast tissue. This incision is more commonly used when breast augmentation is done in conjunction with a breast lift, because the periareolar incision is utilized for breast lift surgery.

Sub-muscular implant placement Sub-glandular or Sub-fascial implant placement Sub-Muscular Implant Placement The breast implants are placed partially or wholly under the pectoralis major chest muscle. This is our preferred technique for several reasons. And just like with silicone products, saline implant manufacturers offer both a free limited warranty and a free lifetime replacement warranty in case their products are defective in any way.

During your breash with Dr. Cobbins, you can select from the full range of implant options, and they will help guide you through your choices. The Breast Augmentation Procedure Breast implants may be placed either under the breast tissue or under the pectoralis major muscle, depending on tissue characteristics. Common incision sites usually include the crease below the breast or around the areola, both of which tend to be very inconspicuous.

Cobbins will make every effort to minimize scar length. Breast augmentation surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia, so patients are generally able to return home later the same day under the care and supervision of a friend or family member. Recovery from Breast Augmentation Following Augmfntation augmentation, we instruct all breast enhancement patients bresst wear surgical or sports bras. Any discomfort or soreness that is experienced can usually be controlled easily with narcotic pain medicine, and patients may drive and return to work once they are no longer taking medication. To allow for proper healing, all strenuous activities—such as heavy lifting, sports, vigorous exercise—will generally need to be avoided for several weeks.

Braithwaite have provided answers to several frequently asked questions below. Can breast augmentation restore lost volume? For women who have lost breast volume as a result of pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or the natural process of aging, breast implants can help restore shape and fullness for a rejuvenated appearance. Additionally, breast augmentation can help improve breast symmetry for those who are bothered by size or contour inconsistencies. Can I still breastfeed with implants? If you are able to breastfeed before undergoing a breast augmentation, you should be able to do so after your procedure, so long as the implants are placed safely and correctly by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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Will breast implants interfere with mammogram results? For women who have breast implants, particular mammogram screening methods can be utilized to help ensure more accurate and conclusive results are obtained. In addition to the four traditional images, this allows several special photos to be taken for a more complete view of each breast. In the event breast implants are placed above the muscle, or if the implant displacement approach does not produce a satisfactory reading, an MRI can usually be an effective solution.

What will my breast augmentation scars look like? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kotis offers advanced techniques and technology to bring patients the very best results in breast augmentation. Residents of Chicago, Arlington Heights and surrounding Illinois communities can contact our office today to learn more about the benefits of breast augmentation. A breast augmentation may be best utilized if packaged with other procedures: It may be the best utilization for you, both financially and for an overall look, to package your breast augmentation within a full mommy makeover procedure or breast lift which Dr.

Kotis specializes in delivering. Will I have scarring?

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Most procedures leave little or no visible scarring. TUBA and underarm incisions have the least potential for chicxgo scarring, because they are located away from the breast itself, in the case of TUBA, in the navel; and in the case of underarm Augmentatio, in the armpit. These types of incisions do limit your other options for placement and type of implant, however. Current cosmetic surgery procedures, regardless of the type of incision, are designed to minimize visible scarring as much as possible. How long will my recovery take? This depends largely on individual factors including your healing abilities, age, whether you smoke or not, and your postsurgical care; as well as the type of incision, and location of the implant.

In most cases, however, you should be able to participate in all of your normal activities within about four to six weeks, and the full healing process, including any final scarring, will be complete in 6 months to a year. Is breast augmentation surgery right for me? A breast augmentation may be right for you if you have a healthy self-image, but feel that breast enhancement would improve your confidence.

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