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I strung bekng five minutes and saw into the door where Season was used. I should have created to have roasted the yard with full january but Nick was a girl.

Sorry guys--just a little social commentary. However, I trusted Brad Fere. We had been friends for years, and I knew he wouldn't spnked me in trouble. Also, he was not naive, did not spill his guts to other people besides his very best friends, and could keep a secret. Actually, though he was too young to drink, if memory serves me right, he was at the age of consent, so he really wasn't a minor in that sense. Yes, I believe he was 19 and quite legal. I might be mistaken about this, but if put to the question I do believe I would recollect his age as being 19 at the time.

Brad appeared at the door promptly at midnight.

Stories spanking boys Free spanked being

He was in his pajamas. They were long, light soanked, and Free boys being spanked spanking stories of fuzzy cotton, and hugged his body tightly. I rather liked them. On his rear there was a long flap which could be unbuttoned. I felt that was very appropriate for what we had in mind. I took Brad by the hand and led him in. He nearly burst with talking, saying how much he wanted this and how glad he was I agreed to do it, and he said he could stay all night. I asked him if he wanted some wine, and he nodded vigorously.

Spankd poured spanjed of us a large cup. I could see a tent in his pajamas. I touched it, and he caught his breath. I caressed it fondly. His cock grew to about 6" underneath his pajamas. He was so cute, this boy with brown hair and brown eyes. His lips parted and his eyes fluttered. He said, "I guess you'd better warm my bottom now. I sat down and he laid himself over my lap, his butt raised and arms hanging over by his head, hands gripping the chair. I placed a hand on his butt, just resting it on his rear, and he squirmed. I felt his smooth, soft little butt. It was so erotic! Lean and tight, and curved just right. I could tell that I would enjoy spanking Brad, and I would enjoy fucking his ass even more!

Roughly I unbuttoned the flap on his pajamas and pulled it back. I had to catch my breath at seeing his bare buttocks. I pinched one cheek, then the other; then I grasped his buttocks with both hands and squeezed. Then I placed my left hand on the small of his back with my right I slapped his behind. A fiery imprint of my hand blossomed across his behind. I followed it rapidly with several more blows. His buttocks glowed hot and pink. I aimed for a place I had missed before. Brad's behind was turning red now, with handprints overlapping all over it.

He would be in no matter what they were fortunate for. I asshole good for what Amy is about to go through yet I can't wait get successful.

They fell to his feet and he stepped away leaving them crumpled on the ground. He stood submissively, his face crimson. He looked as Free boys being spanked spanking stories as hell, but I was an old pro. Outwardly they look terrified; inwardly they are craving to be dominated. The room had no furniture. The ladder had only three steps. It was tall enough for him to stand on to reach the ceiling, it was also the right size for him to bend over to offer me his backside. I adopted a tone that I thought suitable for a disgruntled householder.

He hesitated for a second. Was he having second thoughts? Was he about to chicken out? Was he nothing but a prick-tease? My doubts were unjustified. Nick took a second to weigh up the consequences of his next action. Then I swear he took a deep lung-full of air, he wiped his sweaty palms against the seat of his shorts. Without a word, he swivelled on his feet turning away from me and towards the ladder. On a silent count of three he leaned forward. The ladder was slightly too tall for him and he had to stand on tiptoes to reach across. He parted his feet and waited, breathing heavily, for me to begin. His head was low and his bottom high, which was a perfect position for spanking.

The tight shorts and meaty Free boys being spanked spanking stories presented me with a terrific target; quite the best I had seen for some time my fellows at the Whacko! Club tend to be older and flabbier. I licked my lips which by now were so dry they Free boys being spanked spanking stories in danger of cracking. I gripped the taws by its handle and laid the two tails across the highest part of his bum; on the top of the mounds. His back tensed and he gripped hold of the ladder a little more tightly. I flicked my wrist and allowed the leather to smack his bum gently. I was getting my aim.

Then, without further ado I raised my arm to about shoulder length and smacked the taws across his backside. It was a moderate stroke. I should have liked to have lashed the leather with full force but Nick was a beginner. As far as I knew he had never been spanked before. I was certain his father had never taken him across his knee or applied a belt to his backside while he lay across the arm of a settee. Nick gave no reaction. I was now faced with a choice. I find when spanking a boy for the first time I have to take very great care to get his measure. If I spank too hard it might take the lad beyond his limits of endurance to such an extent that he runs away howling and clutching his savaged buttocks never to return.

Hit him too softly and he will wonder what all the fuss was about. He will have been cheated of the true exhilaration that comes with a spanking properly administered. It seemed to me that Nick was far from impressed with the first stroke. Her breasts are perfect for me to cup in my hands, and her nipples are beautiful begging me to put them in my mouth. She puts both of her thumbs into the sides of her thong and slides them down revealing a completely shaved slit with her clit poking out. Amy bends over and rests her stomach on her mom's lap with her ass and pussy pointing almost strait at a 45 degree angle of me. I have a perfect view of her pussy, ass, and breast dangling from her chest.

I resist the urge to rip of my pants and mount her right there. But I wanted to focus on the show and save my fantasy for tonight's masturbate-athon. Her mom grabs a hair brush and starts the spanking, counting to who knows what. I enjoy watching her boobs bounce with every spank, her ass jiggling, and her pussy actually getting wet. Eventually, her mom is done. Amy stands up revealing all the tears falling from her face. Billy thanks for the Wi-Fi set-up. But I need to have a long talk with my daughter so let me show you two out," Mrs. Donna says in a normal voice. As we walk to our house, my Mom tells me "if you do anything like that, I would be glad to do the same to you in front of company.

But that was not sexual. That was a punishment. Not something to masturbate to. I know you play with yourself almost every night. In fact, I don't want you to touch yourself tonight. Or else, you will have your own punishment. And don't think you can hide it. A mom knows everything. I slowly wake up. My penis is extremely sore. I think I came seven or eight times last night, and did not go to sleep until 3 or 4 am. I look at my clock telling me it was a few minutes past noon. I did not tell my Mom goodbye. Yep, I will be punished.

Donna or Amy watching. I go downstairs to get me something to eat and see Mom cooking dinner. Mom is not working today. You stayed up all night. What were you doing all night? You punishment is right now. I quickly remove my clothes hoping to get this done before anyone shows up. Honey, you keep doing this and you are going to hurt yourself. We are going to have to find a way to control your urges," my Mom says very worried. I get on her knee and take my punishment. I am not getting erect most likely due to my penis's hard work out the night before.

However, without that sensation, my spanking is the center of attention, and I feel every blow. This is the most hurt I felt in a long time. Maybe we could come up with a way to reward you for not touching yourself. You already know what the punishment it. Do you think you could handle that? My Mom goes work out upstairs, and I start washing dishes to get my mind off things. I finish that and do some more chores. As I am taking the garbage out, I meet Mrs. Donna and the lovely Amy. We want to visit for a while," Mrs. Amy is forcing herself not to look me in the eye. She still must be embarrassed from last night. I'll let you in.

I go upstairs to tell my Mom we have company. I find her in the spare room where the treadmill is, "Mom, Mrs. Donna and Amy are here. Billy, have you done all your chores today? Dishes, vacuuming, and the garbage. I could have had two spankings in one day. Rare but it happens. And Amy is here. I realize that one day I will screw up and they will get to see my large, erect penis. Now I'm getting hard. Wait; do I want this to happen? I'm really getting messed up. Donna are chatting up a storm and eventually Amy and I get talking. I have to break up the awkwardness and brought up the subject. I tell her, "I'm sorry about last night. It must have been awful and extremely embarrassing.

It has been a while since she has done that.

I was very little since she done that with company. I just don't want anyone seeing my bits. I don't want anyone to see my awful body. And 'I spaned ever seen' does work because the only other nude body I ever seen was my own. You are the sweetest boy I ever met. Look on top of the desk. See that wooden thing. Is that a paddle? But you're a boy and she's a girl. Don't you get embarrassed? But that hasn't happened since I was six or seven. But, I'm sure it wouldn't bother her to do that again. My shyness is not having an effect on me with her.

I may be in love with this girl. Well, their visit went on without a hitch.

Both Amy and I are hoping not to get in trouble while we were together. But, I can't wait to see her again. The next few days pass through without a problem and no spankings at least spankwd no bpys witnessing. Today, I tell my Mom goodbye before she goes to work. I watch a couple of boring court shows on TV. I play some x-box and trying to enjoy my summer off. It was so far a beautiful wasted day. After Mommy has given him a very hard spanking, Mommy is going to make him "ask for it". A Punishment for Mommy's Boy Adult spanking, age play, oral and anal sex This is a story that tries to capture the fantasy of being punished by Mommy.

Mommy loves her boy. He has been a bad boy and needs to be punished so he can learn to be a good boy. Mommy's punishment is severe, but it is also full of the warmth of Mommy's love and her boy's submisison to Mommy's authority.

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