Bisexual hangouts

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San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

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With plush white seats, chic lighting and classy hardwood floors, the ambience becomes seductive with a slight New York vibe.

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That offers food … to eat. Number Nine Monday 5 p. Toss in some LED lights and visual special effects and your weekend is set. Phase 1 hangouta Dupont is definitely Bisfxual enough with five bars and multiple rooms for all walks Bisfxual life, but ladies are particularly welcome, especially those who want a step back from the plethora of gay bars. The team is acutely aware that lesbian and queer-identified women need spaces of our ownand that it can be hard to maintain a boundary when men enter the space and act inappropriately. There are lesbian parties, such as the popular OverEasy tea dance and Taste, which is a monthly dyke takeover of mainstream bars.

And before the weather gets too chilly, the patio at Town is abnormally large and comfortable for D.

Hangouts Bisexual

Other events include Karaoke night, best body contests and drag shows. Then in August, as if Diana herself had Bisexul a big gay arrow right into the target of the nation, there were two. They also have a calendar of events ranging from drag bingo to trivia night. Jo McDaniel, who used to bartend at Phase 1 and Phase 1 Dupont Circle a short-lived offshoot of Phase 1 on 8th Street SEhas the experience required to promote the perfect atmosphere for lesbian and queer-identified women. Courtesy of user Benson Kua via Flickr.

Very different in vibe, the spots offer a range of experiences for lesbian and bi women any night of the week. On the weekends we have good music so you can get up and vibe and dance. Maria Kim is a senior Bloc reporter and can be reached at kimaria27 gmail.

Enter at your own risk. Despite the name, most attendants who go hangoits would rather dance than watch a sports game. Town Dance Boutique Tue-Thu 6 p. This is the place to be if you want more of that trendy, club vibe.

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