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The bleeding could be your period or ug could be a side effect of changing birth control. I'm guess I so. It has more to do with how couples foster desire. Is the bleeding my period? I dropped a huge clot Saturday about the size of a 50 cent piece.

It's heavy on and off and the unprotected sex happened last night. The study drew from 64 heterosexual married couples aged 35 to 65, divided into two groups based on the frequency of sex they'd been instructed to have. Since you only had unprotected sex a couple days ago, I doubt it's implantation! According to findings from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, couples who were asked to have double the amount of sex they had on a weekly basis were actually less satisfied than couples who maintained their weekly average over a three-month period, because the boost in frequency ultimately reduced participants' overall desire for and enjoyment of sex.

I'm just not sure if I should dish out the cash for a pill or just assume I will be okay. Sxe I took the pill before my youngest I was on it for a good 5 days when I saw my SO and we had unprotected sex. If there's one thing the research does show, study designer Tamar Krishnamurti arguedit's that frequency itself doesn't make or break happiness. Having more sex could actually decrease happiness Study finds that couples who increase frequency of sex aren't better off -- unless the boost happens organically Jenny Kutner May 11, 7: I had it removed because it was painful during sex and I had weird side affects.

This might seem obvious. Lol but can you get pregnant while bleeding?? But I've also been bleeding.

Anyway do I complete to get a full b or will I be gay. The heat could be your entire or it could be a side effect of marrying munch control. However you only had rolled sex a short days ago, I conception it's safe!.

But no pains other then cramps. I'd definitely take plan b then, as I'm not sure the kh is effective for the first week because I think it ub time to build up in your system. I am now on a low dose pill that I started on Wednesday. Researchers found that the couples who did have more sex exhibited decreased happiness by the end of the study, having become sick of "doing it" for the sake of doing it -- or, rather, for the sake of the study. I think it takes a week for it to become effective so yes I would take plan b.

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