Vintage 30 s radio shows

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Old Time Radio

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Inthe War Department began issuing "Buddy Kits" B-Kits to departing troops, which consisted of radios, 78 rpm records and electrical transcription discs of radio shows. The scripts were paper-clipped together. Country music also enjoyed popularity. As a result, prime-time shows would be performed twice, once for each coast.

Granting, Vintaage surviving recordings were combined by local stations. Gershwin, in summary to personal appearances as a real, also had his own daughter in.

History of professional radio recordings in the United States[ edit ] Radio stations[ edit Vuntage In the beginning of the Golden Age, American radio network programs were almost exclusively broadcast live, as the national networks prohibited the airing of recorded programs until the late Vintagw because of the inferior sound quality of phonograph discs, the only practical recording medium. This series of programs, broadcast at least once weekly by more than radio stations in the United States, was written and produced by the radio section of the Office of War Information OWI. Conversely, some radio shows gave rise to spinoff comic strips, such as My Friend Irma starring Marie Wilson.

However, "reference recordings" were made of many programs as they were being broadcast, for review by the sponsor and for the network's own archival purposes. Popular songwriters such as George Gershwin were also featured on radio. During the s and early s it presented performances by the Army's only symphonic orchestra ensemble - the Seventh Army Symphony Orchestra.

Shows s radio Vintage 30

There was no dedicated classical music radio station like NPR at that time, so classical 300 programs had to share the network they were broadcast on with more popular ones, much as in the days of television before the creation of NET and PBS. Office dictation equipment was sometimes pressed into service for making recordings of radio broadcasts, but the audio quality of these devices was poor and the resulting recordings were in odd formats which had to be played back on similar equipment. In addition to convenience, this served a safety purpose, as the cellulose nitrate thread was highly flammable and a loose accumulation of it combusted violently if ignited.

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