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Fetish-wear business thrives by finding a niche outside the mainstream

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Giaouris's father was making metal manufacturfs for small leather goods when he saw an opportunity to expand into making the whole product — things clothinf leather handbags, briefcases and globes. Story continues below advertisement A few years later, the family moved to Canada and, bythe business had settled on Toronto's Yonge Street. It was there that the store, which had started catering to hippies, found it was getting interest from a new market.

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And so it began to cater to a new market: Other products, like restraints and the category euphemistically referred to as "percussion" are aimed uniquely at manufacgures kinkier customer. But that didn't present a problem for the family business. The company is still a small business, co-owned by Mr. Giaouris's wife, Anna, and employing 18 people, including their son. Finding a niche can be a good strategy for a family business, says Jose Lam, a professor at The Memorial University of Newfoundland who studies family businesses. Value-added products also tend to do well for family businesses, he says.

Manutactures he considered off-shoring in the past, he says his small business wouldn't have been able to compete on volume and price. Giaouris says his approach has been to go upmarket. Giaouris says he'll make anything a client requests, in leather or suede, as long as he's able to do it. Making something for a customer that they can't find anywhere else is the best part of the job, he says. The latex store by Simon O. For 20 years, we have come to know the wishes of our customers and can therefore provide a constantly expanding Latex Shop offering with many customization options. Our latex shop makes you want more and gives you the freedom to customize your latex dressestrousers, catsuitsstockingsunderwear as well as masks according to your needs.

Clothing manufactures Fetish

Latex clothing is sexy in all shapes and colours, skin-tight and wonderfully supple to manufactues on the skin. Clotihng our latex clothing, you can put your favourite body parts in scene while enjoying the special body awareness in everyday life or at home in the bedroom. Latex clothing from our latex shop is known to be a sensual helper to enhance erotic moments to another level of sensory experience. Latex clothing with attention to detail - Latex Shop benefits Latex clothing for discerning customers - this is what sets our latex shop range apart.

Our best sellers and proven top models are constantly optimized in the cut variation and provided with many customization options based on our experience and our insights.

With devotion to the material we make latex clothing for our latex shop step by step with an astute eye for detail, so that you will enjoy your favourite pieces for years to come. Should a product be damaged after use, please contact our repair service. In our Latex Shop factory, we can respond to your wishes. Latex clothing can be ordered in our latex shop factory, we can respond to your wishes. Latex clothing can be ordered in our latex shop with secure payment options and discreet shipping. With the Latex Clothing Express, every piece from this collection is made within 7 days.

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