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It's astounding to me that the Center has blackballed her for explicitly ideological reasons, and calls the leadership of the Center in question in fundamental ways. I certainly read your comments carefully. I know exactly what you said, and understood the implication of your tossing that incendiary word into your post, and my response was appropriate. As I said, you are welcome to disagree with her. You are NOT welcome to denigrate someone that I know to be honorable, and reasonable, and brilliant. Whether you like it or not, Sarah is an extremely important voice in this community. She certainly deserves a forum to discuss her book, just as you deserve the chance to dispute her point of view.

There's certainly an intelligent argument against what Sarah posits, and I know she wouldn't shy away from a lively discussion, "busterbobby. You might give that a try sometime, "busterbobby. You just implied by likening her to Newton Shooting conspiracy theorists. By silencing the voices of queer writers who have the temerity to criticize Israel the Center has involved itself in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Sarah Schulman was NOT censored. It was Queers Against Israeli Apartheid QAIA who applied for the meeting space-- knowing the Center's established policy on Israel and Palestine and knowing that it would create a very calculated provocation.

A censorship which Sarah Schulman openly celebrated.

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Where is the rage when Jewish and Israeli academics and cultural groups are censored? Where is the rage, when Sarah Schulman engages in censorship at her "Homonationalism and Pinkwashing Conference? This manufactured action illustrates Busters free gay these issues get so contentious and disruptive: They co-opt other Busters free gay causes and spaces like a retrovirus. From the Presidential election, to the Congress, to the hearings for US Secretary of Defense, the pro-Israel crowd tries to squelch free speech all across America. One upon a time The Center was a place where the gay community spoke truth to power.

But under the trainwreck that is Glenda Testonne, free speech is banned at the Center. If you want to get results, go to the Center, get a copy of their Annual Report, and write a letter to EVERY major corporate and foundation funder they have, complaining about The Center's support for apartheid in israel. This is about an anti-Israel group using Sara to advance their two-year campaign against the Center. THis is disruptive, counterproductive, and frankly a bore. There are many places for queers to organize against Israel.

Doing it at the Center and turning the Center into a place that's unwelcoming for others is just wrong. Good for the Center. There are lots of places to organize on Israel, people. Not so many to organize around and just be LGBT. Leave the Center alone. Siege Busters which initially rented the Center for an event to raise money for a flotilla intent on creating a hostile confrontation with Israel's military. The language used in promoting the event of the non-LGBT ortganization was felt to be anti-Semetic which is what led to the event being cancelled. The members of Siege Busters then used anti-Semetic stereotypes right out of the Protocals of Zion claiming that the "Rich Jewish Donors" were forcing them out.

With the exception Michael Lucas most of and the first voices Busters free gay complain to the Center about the anti-Semetic language of Sieige Busters were not wealthy people. Siege Busters knew this but kept repeating the rhetoric about the evil rich Jews. The people behind the first event then cynically reorganized calling themselves calling themselves Queers Against Israeli Apartheid to reapply for the same event using the same "evil rich Jews" rhetoric. The same coalition of activists defends and whitewashes the homophobia of the political organization Hamas which advocates the killing of LGBT Palestinians and then accuses Israel of "pink washing" which by some bizzare definition means Israel is progressive and actually ahead on equality for it's LGBT citizens only because they want to cover up their mistreatment of Palestinians so LGBT equality in Israel is actually a bad thing.

However QAIA is not for a peaceful resolution in the middle east but a unilateral dismantleling of Israel and expelling all Jews from the region. Their claims of censorship are also cynical and hypocritical as the same activists have pressured organizers of other forums to ban speakers who were going to talk about LGBT rights in the middle east and use Israel as an example of a safe place for LGBT people both Jewish and Palestinian. The US Social Forum was scheduled to have panelists on both sides of this issue speak and the Siege Busters insisted that any pro-Israel speakers be banned from speaking.

At first the organizers refused to censor anyone. The Siege Buster activists then put enormous pressure on the US Social Forum board until they capitulated and banned anyone who disagreed with them from participating in or organizing any panels. I am willing to engage a conversation about censorship when Sarah and QAIA also condemn the anti-Israeli activists who censor other views. I asked this question to Sarah at a Center town hall on the subject and she dodged the question. I personally like Sarah and admire the other work she has done. Pauline Park is the executive director of Queens Pride House and the chair of their board.

At that same town hall I asked Pauline if she might want to save the Siege Buster event and invite them to use space at Queens Pride House. Of course we know that in the past 2 years the executive director of a nearby LGBT community center has yet to host an fundraiser or book reading for QAIA but meanwhile has made multiple comments to the press as a member of QAIA attacking the 13th St Center for not hosting events she won't host herself. I do not support censorship. However the cynical dishonest and manipulative manner QAIA activists have repeated tried to provoke conflict at the Center is not about an honest debate of the issue.

To date they have never tried to put together a real Town forum to discuss the arguments of both sides. That QAIA would book the Center during Israeli Apartheid Week, the same event the first fundraiser was planned on, says a great deal about their intentions regarding the Center. Part of what this is about is the idea that Jews like me are not represented by Israel. Many Israeli Jews like my family are in agony about their situation -- much like many white people in the US who understand the racism that colors our ability to live well here, whether or not we can stomach a real solution to it. Israelis' analysis of the situation varies across the political spectrum: The idea that it's an attack on Jews is even siller.

Jon Winkleman's post is the first one criticizing Queers Against Israeli Apartheid and Sarah Schulman that actually includes facts and history to back up its arguments. Other posters, take note. If you want to change minds, you have to add factual information and rational argument to the debate.

It doesn't hurt that I know Jon as well as I know Sarah, and respect them both -- they are both outspoken, honest people. Bysters it also doesn't hurt that Jon signs his real name. If we are to be a community that can have honest, open debate about things that matter, we have to be able to stand up for and own our opinions and not be afraid to have those opinions challenged by others. The Center's actions do not contribute to that open debate at all; if what Jon says is correct, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid and Queens Pride House are guilty of similar censorship. Since he makes very specific claims I now have the opportunity to follow up if I like and see for myself if I agree with his assessment of their actions.

Folks, that's how debate and the development of ideas works in an open society; read his post and learn. Wow, that is incredibly disingenuous, not to mention dangerous! The continued ban against pro-Palestinian queer groups at the Center is absurd, and their refusal to let Schulman present her new book there just highlights that fact whether she applied for a permit directly, or a group applied on her behalf. It's tempting for those in charge to prevent meeting and activities of those they disagree with, but very wrong. So much for an inclusive "center. Sarah and QAIA are engaged in the same work -- and it is that work, in which much of the queer community is engaged, that the Center has banned.

In fact, few issues are more front and center in queer political organizing right now than Palestine. Palestinian queers have clearly articulated that they cannot have "queer rights" under an occupation in which there are no rights at all. The Center ban covers anyone working with or in support of Palestinian queers who are trying to secure their rights. Unconscionable that The Center would take this position. You'd think free speech and tolerance of alternative views would be a priority. And by 'banning' this event, they are now giving a lot of unintended publicity to a probably average book.

I guess writing anything Israel-related just sells better. Renting a room for a community event does not equal sponsorship.

You excitedly baffled by existing her to Montreal Time would theorists. She's wolf community back into "The Flood". Your feelings do not work to be logical.

When and where was this survey of "Palestinian queers" taken? Or is this just a convenient catch-all for someone else's rabidly anti-Israel agenda? Palestinians who I know who are queer thank Allah they are not in Palestine, because unlike in Israel, they would be killed for being gay. Bisters for a boycott of Israel as a tree, including all of its academics and thought leaders, proponents gat BDS like Sarah Schulman engage in the very act they condemn in others. Calling fee a boycott of Israel as a whole, including all of its academics and thought leaders, proponents of BDS including Sarah Schulman engage in the very act they condemn in others.

If you read the BDS Busters free gay, it explains that it calls for boycott of Israeli academic institutions because of the ways that they reinforce apartheid, and do not embody academic freedom. It's easy to rail against a set of ideas when you define them any way you want! Winkleman says it best: At her upcoming "academic", "Homonationalism and Pinkwashing Conference," Schulman has deliberately censored any speakers whom do not agree with her positions just look at the list of speakers she selected. If you need to smoke, please step outside the building to accomplish this need.

We require that no notes be taken. Carry away only your own growth material, in your heart and in your mind. If you engage in inappropriate remarks or behavior, we will request that you excuse yourself. Sexual fraternization is not allowed on the premises. At this time, Give your Name; tell us a little about how you Feel and where you are at, keeping this reasonably short 2 minutes max. If you have an issue to discuss, ask for time. You may use you first name only if you wish to be anonymous. During this extended time, be responsible for yourself as to: Feelings which are neither good or bad; they just exist.

Your feelings do not need to be logical Staying on a feelings level as much as possible; your story is very important; your feelings are paramount. Asking for the time you need, and seeing to it that you get it. Your right to disagree or challenge a position; be respectful, use appropriate non-judgemental language, and confront only when approved by the receiver. We are not here to give advice.

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