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vintage flash

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The older ones are available in one or more Windows Media formats, while the newer ones can be flaash in a bunch of MP4s as well as an HD Windows Media file. The Full HD MP4 download is the one to go with if you want to see the women in the highest quality possible. I also wrongly thought that since many scenes are solo they'd be short, but you generally end up with about 12 to 18 minutes of footage. You'll see these models posing in short skirts and fitted tops. They always wear high-heels and usually stockings with garters with the seams up the back.

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There's no cheesy music. Vintage flashes often have much higher reviw than current digital flashes which are typically use 5V or less for sync. Someone measured their Toshiba ES-7's sync voltage at V. You may want to check what your copy uses with a voltmeter.

Flash review Vintage

Vinage So you probably didn't fry your camera. But this is not typical of most cameras. The first generation of Canon dSLRs had a 6V reviw, and a lot of folks fried their cameras with vintage flashes. I've heard limits as low as 10V for other brands of cameras. They also have a Vintage Flash archive page, and a pantyhosed4u page as well that you get access to as a member. The extra sites are also all about the vintage look on women and they all play it off very well.

This site doesn't have a specific link to either photos or videos, it's more about which models you prefer to see or what you prefer to see, if you choose to go onto the other pages. The pictures are very well taken though and you can view them with the original size, a medium size, or a small size. The videos are also well taken and you can choose from either a high bandwith version or a low bandwith version. If you go back in the collection to the older scenes, you'll see that it's not all high definition.

The oldest videos play at revkew k and are x in size. These small videos are awfully grainy. The older pictures are quite a bit smaller, as well. Those images are just x in size. It's hard to say how much of the collection offers these smaller specs, but members should keep in mind that the older scenes don't look nearly as good as the newer ones. Navigation could be improved. While the design is clean and it's not too hard to get around, a site this large needs as many search tools as possible. Bottom Line A nicely done site, with a large collection of exclusive, often HD, sexy nylon scenes.

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