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The intensity of this time of life is something we seek to grow them out of, and secretly envy. Frederike Helwig for the Guardian Some parents think that their teenagers are wasting their time, especially on electronic devices and social networks. Don't be too strict, because then teens won't tell you anything.

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My advice fucing be: The frontal and parietal lobes responsible for planning and self-control, the bits that don't envision the consequences of their actions, are said in some teenangers not to be fully formed. What remains key, though, is this need for the child to carve a separate identity from you. You can't go everywhere with your child; can't babysit them through these years. You should talk to teens casually, not all raging and exaggerating the issue. Our children are consumed by it. And there isn't much parents can do about it. I can talk to my parents about anything to do with school.

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Parents have to let teens make their own decisions teenw uni. The worst is tattoos, but it's too late now. Has someone stolen my mum's phone? Not all the time. For me, on things like homework, teenagers just have to do it and then they won't have any problems.

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