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When you're always exposed, the social cues of the clothed world don't disappear. Oblivious, an excited threesome bounced through the glade, proclaiming they were "almost olfman the river! And then there was the Colonel, who made many trips past my camp with a lawn chair strapped to his back, returning minutes later from the same direction with the same lawn chair strapped to his back. As the day ripened, bold nudes constantly stomped through the surrounding labyrinth of thin, thorny trails. Back at camp, I began to entertain some surprisingly potent fantasies about what could have been. On a bright Friday morning in late May, I rolled into Rooster Rock and ventured into the clothing-optional section, following the muddy, overgrown trail to its terminus, a breezy glade where several men were already letting their johnsons catch some rays.

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Earlier, I had completely avoided looking when a stunning figure walked by—my attention seemed egregious, inept. Nobody was drinking loudly or blasting music. Nudity tends olcman improve posture, but it's striking to see just how pitifully penises swing in the grand mechanics of stride. As I emerged from one of my harrowing pee breaks, wincing from thorns stabbing my naked feet, a man in sunglasses and bright red boxer briefs stood in my path. They become more pronounced, often in hilarious ways.

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