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2018 Peanuts 2-Year Pocket Planner / Calendar (Day Dream)

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I grew up reading Peanuts, listening to Snoopy vs the Red Baron, watching the Holiday Specials; I thought I knew everything there was to know about them. Well, I was wrong. This collection is a wealth of information.

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Longtime fans will find many familiar items plus much new material, some of which has never before been seen by the public. About a third of each section is text with the rest artwork, illustrations, photos and removable materials such as reproductions of sketches, letters, stickers, coloring book, prints of the Peanuts characters and much more. The text is filled with fascinating detail about the creation and evolution of the characters. We learn that neither Lucy nor Linus was part of the original Peanuts crew. In their early years they were very young children and soon grew up to be an important part of the strip. We also learn that Snoopy started out as just a dog.

Not a beagle, not a WWI flying ace, just a dog. Eventually he evolved to be superior to the kids in the strip. It was way back in when Charles Schultz integrated the comics page by introducing Franklin, a ground breaking move. This is just a small sample of what is covered in this collection. What I found most striking was the high quality artwork and the beautiful layout. If you are of a certain age this book will not only entertain you but will bring back lots of memories. This is the type of book you need to see to appreciate. And she actually did.

Partly due to Linus's telling her that you can't break a promise you've made to a sick person, but nonetheless. UnfortunatelyCharlie Brown fails to actually hit the ball and accidentally kicks Lucy in hand so hard that she ends up needing a cast for it. Baby See Baby Do: One strip, set when Sally was a baby, has Snoopy dance and Sally start to dance too. Snoopy comments that he feels like the Pied Piper. Upon meeting Snoopy's brother, Spike, Lucy found herself disgusted by how skinny he was and attempted to fatten him up. This trope was the end result.

Linus once challenged his teacher, Miss Othmar, to give witg biting her fingernails when she scolded him for bringing his security blanket to school, and gave her the blanket as collateral. He figured she couldn't do it, but his scheme backfired when Poocket ''did''. She did eventually give the blanket back on the condition that Linus Poc,et longer bring it to school. I failed to reckon with the tenacity of the modern-day school teacher! Instead of learning from this incident, a few years later, he tried something similar with his "blanket-hating" grandmother, to get her to give up smoking.

Once again, the scheme backfired, as Grandma did give up smoking and Lucy hid the blanket from Linus with great relish. This time, however, Linus was more assertive, forcibly grabbing the blanket back from Lucy when she tried to burn it. Woodstock is sometimes one of these to Snoopy. Linus, upon being referred to as Sally's 'Sweet Babboo', or whenever Lydia tells him, "Aren't you kind of old for me?

Although stri one storyline, Lucy was simply stunned speechless when Charlie Brown told her she wasn't perfect, and later on regretted strlp having hit him for that. Peppermint Patty once slugged another kid for calling her "Sir" presumably in imitation of Marcie. She didn't witg go that far with Marcie, except on one occasion in which Marcie kept chanting, "Sir! Molly Volley, a minor, tennis-playing character from Pockt '70s and '80s with a hot temper to ut Lucy's, had several, most notably being teased stri; having fat legs.

Completely inverted with Sally, pexnuts on numerous occasions has not hesitated to let Charlie Brown know that she has zero respect for him and considers him a nothing. That hasn't stopped her from peanutw, or occasionally demanding, that he help her planners homework often by threatening him if he doesn't comply. Also inverted, in the later years of the strip, with Rerun, wigh is contemptful of Linus for still having a security blanket. In one strip, he even says, "My older brother should be my peanufs model, but that blanket business takes care of that. Its interior was never shown except in stfip cartoon where it appears to be peaunts Elaborate Underground Basebut we know it contains a Peeanuts Gogh painting later replaced with an Andrew Wyeth after the doghouse burned down and was rebuilta pool table, a bridge room, a swimming pool, a postage meter, etc Black Bead Eyes Poclet in one strip when Lucy asks Charlie Brown if he thinks her eyes are beautiful, and he replies, "Yes, they look like little round dots of India ink!

Eventually, she and Linus, and Rerun were usually shown with small lines on the sides of their eyes to give them a distinctive look from the other characters. Truffles, a minor character introduced in the '70s as a romantic interest for Linus and Snoopywas another Sphere Eyes aversion. No, there's no death, but laughing at the pathetic tragedy of Charlie Brown's life is still an example of this. Ed Bogas, who took over the music for the animated specials after Vince Guaraldi died, had some experience doing music for animated films.

Marcie was once told by Peppermint Patty that she would look more sophisticated with her glasses up on her forehead, resulting in her bumping into walls, a lamppost, etc. Marcie noted that "Before I became sophisticated, I almost never had headaches. In this strip, Linus has taken over for Charlie Brown as the pitcher for their baseball team. When Charlie Brown sees that Linus is trying to pitch while wearing his blanket over his head, he comes out and takes over the pitching again. Made even more confusing when there actually is a song called "Charlie Brown Theme" out there, and a few of the specials actually used it.

Being heavily featured in A Charlie Brown Christmas, the most famous of the specials, helps. That's right, not even Peanuts was immune to censorship. Twice during the story's central football game, Lucy pulls the ball away from Charlie Brown, as per the usual, causing the play to fail Viewers protested because it was Lucy's fault, so future airings and releases of the special to this day censor those two instances but miss others! This, however, could add Nightmare Fuel to the special because the "offending" lines were backmasked. Incidentally, you can hear the original lines here and here. An interesting case where Schulz self-censored.

A appearance by Spike had a running gag of Spike watching Hogan's Heroes on TV, but when the strips were printed in the papers, the references to "Colonel Hogan" got changed to "Mister Spock"at least in some papers. The best explanation seems to be that Schulz changed them after the murder of Bob Crane about a month before the strips were supposed to run. Returns Policy Please choose carefully as AusReseller does not accept return of goods if you change your mind or made a wrong decision. AusReseller will accept goods for return if the goods are found to be defective or of unacceptable quality. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.

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