Handbag made from vintage material

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Women's Handbags & Wallets

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These are just another way you can customize your bag! Tuck canvas straps between inner and outer fabrics so that two edges of one face the front and two edges of the other face the back of bag.

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Glitter vinyl colors can change from dye lot to dye lot. Below you will find our glitter Handbaag colors. Although listed with the pearl vinyls, the vintage brown and matte black are not pearl vinyls. We currently have silver, gold, black, and a swirled psychedlic colored foil. E-mail us for more info about these! DKVF is a textured vinyl from a vintage camper. Turn and Press Pull both fabrics and straps through the 4" gap, turning the tote bag right-side out.

From vintage material Handbag made

It has fine glitter in it and has a smooth surface. Oil Slick Black actually looks like a patent black material, but in bright light, a rainbow of colors is revealed. The two compliment each other well. A handbag made with both glitter and pearl vinyl has a very nice two tone look. These are some of the designs we have available to use on our handbags. Our shimmer vinyl is NOT as shiny as our glitter vinyl.

This also compliments our glitter well. This is probably the most popular vintage auto fabric that we have used on our bags. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. This step adds depth to the bag and creates a flat bottom.

Below you will find the current colors of Impala fabric that we have in stock. Lined Tote Bag Snip Corners On the long side of all rectangles, snip a 2"x2" square from only the bottom corners. Another popular material used on our handbags is serape.

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