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It lesblans eligible in that Shinji has to participate him. Her first population abandons her. Flickered at with Gayle's son Sexy, who cares before the staff begins, prompting her to get jealous in ex-gay loans.

In Runawaysbisexual Pixie is killed off in the second issue. Her ex-girlfriend Jubilee survives, however, and winds up dating Sanna Strand. Played with in Mark Millar 's last arc on The Authoritywhich opens with the apparent deaths of openly-gay Apollo and Midnighter, but they both turn out to be alive. However, both the lesbian Rush and bisexual Teuton from the fake Authority end up being brutally killed by Midnighter during his Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Granted, only one of the deaths was in continuity in Mark Millar's Enemy of the State storyline. The other two were in an Age of Apocalypse story and an X-Men: The End story, both taking place in alternate universes.

Most likely unintentional, since all three comics were edited by different offices inside Marvel. In the official continuity, he got better. Happens twice in Peter Bagge's Apocalypse Nerd. First, there is the massacre at McNeely Ville, whose founders, the namesake himself and his lover were gunned down when a Native American gang invaded, stole all their supplies other, and burned down the commune while killing as many residents as possible. Later, some of the survivors of McNeeley Ville raided a women's only commune and killed all the allegedly lesbian residents, save for the Action Girl who escapes with one of the male protagonists. In "Half-Life", a transparently gay television host on pre-apocalypse Deadworld makes a pass at Judge Death during a live show because he likes the uniform.

This pisses off Death enough that he immediately executes him. Unfortunately, in "Blood and Fire", an episode of Star Trek: Kirk's redshirt nephew Peter is deeply in love with medical tech Alex Freeman, and the two plan to marry. Everyone charmingly takes this for granted. Alex ends up the last person alive on a doomed research ship, killing himself seconds before the Regulan bloodworms get to him. It's also because the episode is based on a script David Gerrold wrote for Star Trek: The Next Generation that kept getting punted into the wastebasket. For when the episode was originally envisioned, having gay characters in a relationship would be revolutionary, even if one of them died at the end.

For the 21st century, well In one of the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf mini-stories titled "Why Can't It Be Love", Mother Nature informs Empath that even she has to deal with creatures that can't be permitted to love anyone but the opposite sex. The first chapter of What Lies Beyond the Walls that centers around Longfang and also confirms that he's Straight Gay ends with him getting four arrows to the back in battle. At this point, the three main characters spring a 'trap' on them.

As the three main characters escape both are left dead. It was genuinely trying to educate the public about the senseless persecution of gays and included real life sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld giving a lecture that homosexuality was completely natural. That said, the Mini clips lesbians character still gets thrown out of school, loses all of his clients, is blackmailed and eventually commits suicide. Charlize Theron's Lorraine Broughton is basically a female James Bond, complete with hooking up with sexy foreign spy lady. And with that sexy foreign spy lady ending up dead. Cult of Chucky has male nurse Carlos casually reveal he has a husband. He is later casually murdered by Chucky.

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls in some way subverted this trope. Though the lesbian couple in the film were not the only ones to die in the show, their fate was specifically mentioned in the sarcastic voice-over ending as not being based around the fact that their relationship was in any way evil. Of course, they also weren't the only people to die, just the only ones for whom it wasn't supposed to be a consequence or punishment of their wrongdoing according to that monologue.

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Braveheart has the prince's male lover being murdered by King Edward by throwing said lover out a tall window right in front of the prince. In real life, Gaveston was Prince Edward's favorite, but it's not known with certainty that they were lovers. Gaveston was eventually captured and executed, but not the same wayand it had more to do with Edward's favoritism than explicitly with homosexuality. In The Fox lesbian Jill is killed and her girlfriend runs off with a man. Bobby went as low as making fun of his tongue ring. In Girl House all three of the gay characters are killed off brutally.

In Horn, two male police officers are revealed to secretly harbor feelings for each other. During the end sequence of the movie, one of them gets his face blown off with a shotgun. In Ikari RageNaoto dies alone in a park from complications with his heart. Danvers in the Hitchcock film Rebeccathough this wasn't the case in the original book. Land of the Dead features an incredibly gratuitous scene, even considering some of what happens in the rest of the film, where two women are passionately making out until Mini clips lesbians of them is pulled through the wall by a bunch of zombies. Lost and Delirious is all about this trope.

Central characters Paulie and Tory carry on a secret romantic relationship, which is effectively destroyed when Tory's sister finds out about their relationship, and Tory panics, breaks off the relationship, and tells her sister that Paulie raped her. The remainder of the film is all about Paulie's mental state deteriorating, which culminates in Paulie stabbing Tory's new boyfriend before throwing herself off of a roof, ending her own life. All there in the title. The two protagonists, one straight and one gay, live. George's partner of sixteen years dies in a car accident eight months before the start of the film. By the end of the story, George himself dies due to a heart-attack, right after an epiphany which stopped him from committing suicide out of unsustainable grief.

He was so busy preparing for his death that day that he forgot to take the heart medicine keeping him alive. The soldier is caught. The peasant, who's a little crazy, shoots him and, carrying the body, gets into a hole in the ground where he puts dead things so they can grow again. Le temps qui reste Time to Leave is about a promiscuous, selfish gay fashion photographer dying of cancer. In Gerard Blain's Les Amis, about an intergenerational gay relationship, the older man is killed in a car crash. Blain, however, maintained that he dies not because of his homosexuality but because it's his destiny.

Right at the end of L. In Smukke Dreng Pretty Boya year-old boy has a relationship with an astronomy professor who kicks him out when the professor's girlfriend comes home. The boy ends up semi-accidentally killing the man by throwing a rock at his head, sending him on a long fall. In the documentary The Lavender Lens: The film ends with a Bugs Bunny clip in which Bugs is suspected dead but revives and runs off wearing a tutu. Martineau in Another Country gets caught during some guy-on-guy action and a few minutes later in the film he offs himself. In a church, of all places. In Bentit is a movie about two gay men in a concentration camp during the holocaust.

Lucy bites it at the end of High Art. Cruising is also a serial killer stalking New York City's gay leather subculture, and Al Pacino going undercover to stop this. In contrast to the acres of dead sexually active perverts, Al's neighbor, Ted, is offered up as a contrast — he has a steady boyfriend and hates the idea of cruising. And he dies, too. The titular funeral in Four Weddings and a Funeral is for one half of a gay couple. The eulogy delivered gets the main character thinking about love and marriage, setting up the climax.

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The coips half of the iMni couple survives and eventually finds someone new. More so in the film than in the book Cloud Atlas: In the book, the cllips are somewhat more ambiguous, but it still counts. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: Graham dies almost immediately after he locates his long-lost lover. Hinted at with Gayle's son Randy, who dies before the story begins, prompting her to get involved in ex-gay ministries. Deathtrap kills both of its gay characters off-stage, then kills them again by proxy on-stage as characters in the play-within-the-film stolen by the sole surviving character, presumably straight.

This character's orientation never comes up in narration or action, but straight is the statistically likely option. Possibly, with Harvey Fierstein's character dying; the character is never confirmed as gay, but acts like a pretty stereotypical gay guy.

Harvey's gay in real Mini clips lesbians. Also in the c,ips, Dr. Isaacs dies but his partner survives. In the fantasy-horror Warlockthe main character's gay roommate is killed off quite early and in brutal fashion by the Warlock. The page's image comes from the opening credits of Watchmen. Rabid Grannies plays straight and averts this trope While the Grannies', er, Aunts', Lesbian Niece is one of their first victims, her girlfriend is one of the few survivors Minni is clearly presented as the hero of the movie. The closeted lsebians soldier Robert, who befriends Solly himself Mini clips lesbians a Jewgets killed in combat.

This is more ,esbians than many such examples though as it's in a clpis, plus this was real. Dark Web has the pair of lesbian side characters Serena and Nari murdered late into the film when the hacker ledbians targets the cast directly. Literature In ArmadaShin and Lesbiasn are some of the Mini clips lesbians casualties of the alien invasion. They die just a few hours after consummating their relationshipwhile trying to help the other heroes get away In After Doomsday by Poul Anderson, a crewman on a spaceship is murdered in cold clipps for proposing to another.

He isn't sanctioned and will lesbianz a Heroic Sacrifice later on. Arthur Geiger dies and Carol gets locked away for homicide, leaving both characters fairly well buried. Wei's lover Nora Stein was killed in a burglary before the book begins. Wei is almost Driven to Suicide but decides not to jump in front of a car because she doesn't want to cause the driver trouble. The Lesbianns Davis books Hungover and Handcuffed and Asshole Yakuza Boyfriend are cli;s of an odd case; in Mini clips lesbians first one, it seems like Lucy is a victim of this, but the sequel and Word of God establish a Cast Full of Gayand dead implicitly straight characters dramatically outnumber dead LGBT characters, especially in proportion to the number of both in the books.

James Baldwin's feel bad classic, Giovanni's Room is a stunning example. The novel is narrated lesbianss a sexually confused young man who is counting the oesbians before his lover is executed. Cutter, who is gay, is one of the few characters to survive but his on-off boyfriend Judah is shot in one of the final scenes. Two sisters and their respective suitors fall leesbians love with her, the men thinking she's a woman, the girls convinced that she's male at least initially. The men fight a Duel to the Death over her, the sisters go insane, and Tintomara herself is eventually killed for her refusal to lsebians a gender role and stick with it.

In the His Dark Materials trilogy, the angel Balthamos—half of a canon gay couple with Baruch—is one of several major characters to die. Since the Mini clips lesbians are made entirely of Dust, it's possible Balthamos and Baruch get a happy ending after all. The Front Runner, while being one of the first modern novels to treat gays as people, still follows this trope. The Picture of Dorian Grayin which all three main characters Dorian Gray, Basil Hallward, lesbixns Henry Wotton are heavily implied to Minl gay or bisexual, ends with two of them dead, Basil—the more obviously gay one—murdered by Dorian, who later effectively commits suicide.

Like many of Oscar Wilde 's works, this Mini clips lesbians reflects the difficulties of being a gay man in Victorian England Wilde himself eventually died of an infection contracted during his imprisonment for "gross indecency"—i. Kiss MMini the Spider Womanin which the gay protagonist demonstrates his new-found bravery by accepting a suicide mission to pass a message to political revolutionaries. The Book of Lost Things features the knight Roland, who is trying to find out what happened to his lost lover, Raphael. He is, of course, dead.

Roland ends up dying as well, once he finds out what happened. Carol Plum-Ucci's What Happened to Lani Garver is built around this trope, although it's justified in that one of the major themes of the book is to bring attention to homophobic hate crimes. Also, it's strongly implied that Lani is actually an angel, which may change things a bit. Perry Moore wrote his young adult novel Hero as a response to the use of this trope in superhero comics. There are several gay characters and several characters who die, but no overlap. Josif, who is bisexual, marries female Kyaren; they have a happy marriage except he warns her that he's attracted to the inhumanly gorgeous male protagonist, Ansset.

She tells him that that's fine, she doesn't mind if he sleeps with Ansset; but he still continues to worry about it. Ansset and Josif do end up getting together. Unfortunately, treatments Ansset received as a boy soprano, to delay puberty, cause a weird chemical reaction, making sex intolerantly painful. Josif is hunted down and castrated as punishment for "raping" Ansset. His wife remarries the next day and in the epilogue is said to be much happier in this more peaceful relationship. Puck's treatment is a harsh criticism of this trope from Duncan as well as upon real-world anti-gay violence, specifically the murder of Matthew Shepardwho is very outspoken about gay rights, and several versions of Jack manage to save their Pucks in the end.

A plot point in Darkship Thieves. Max kept his orientation a secret, so his identity thief doesn't realize he's given himself away by ignoring the lover, Nat. Still, the book ends with one gay man dead and the other consumed by his need for revenge. Teenaged Harold's heroic death in The Garden God Der Tod in Venedig Death in Venice Aschenbach expires on the beach, gazing at Tadzio. Ennis from Brokeback Mountain assumes that Jack's death was caused by a hate-crime rather than an accident like her wife informed him.

He was then confident the trope was in effect after Jack's father told Ennis that gave hint that Jack was ready to be open about his homosexual side by inviting another man to fix his family ranch and planning on leaving his wife Loreen. The event also leaves Ennis miserable, sometimes leaving him in tears whenever Jack appears in his dream. Ennis's fear of two men living together stems from this trope. Once when he was nine, he and his brother was taken by his brother to see a man who brutally died after townsfolks tortured him.

Pippa of Libba Bray's Gemma Doyle trilogy dies at the end of the first book, leading to her gradually turning into a monster in the realms before she is Killed Off for Real in the third book. Jack is killed by Neferet as a sacrifice to Darkness, since he is a "pure" soul. Rosemary Sutcliff wrote historical novels stuffed full of homeoeroticism but had only three explicitly gay characters. All three are minor: Two of them, in Sword at Sunsetare heroic warriors whose love inspires them to greater heroism. However, one of them dies nobly in battle, whereat the other feels suicidal and ends up dying too, saving everybody's life in the process. Mind you, this was published in In The Flowers of Adonisthe otherwise heterosexual Arcadius falls in love with fellow soldier, who immediately dies off-screen between that scene and the next.

The heavily implied romantic relationship between Thomas Keith and Tussun Bey in Blood and Sand ends with their bloody deaths, and the suicide of Thomas' wife. To be fair, a lot of heterosexual characters die in Sutcliff's novels also - she wrote a lot of wars. In Ursula Zilinsky's Middle Ground, Johannes von Svestrom's lover Gabriel is killed in a burning tank and Svestrom acquires a death wishwhich only ends up winning him a lot of medals for bravery in combat. Svestrom intends shooting himself until he meets and loves Tyl von Pankow, Gabriel's nephew. The end of the book is ostensibly happy, with Tyl going to Svestrom, but you never see him arrive and he's been told that he has a 'short life-line' on his palm.

In the prequel novels, the Antichrist villain Nicolae Carpathia has his two biological fatherswho were both gay, killed off. In Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series, the lesbian Raina dies from a magical plague in Richard's arms while her lover is trying to find a way to save her. They have time to say they love each other before she dies. Truth in Television with Someone Else's War. The LRA hates Muslims and gay people and will kill both indiscriminately. That plus various other life stresses lead to her coming to the same hospital as Esther. She later hangs herself. But Esther describes other lesbians, like the famous woman poet at her college, who are "weird," but doing all right.

In Ian Fleming 's novel Goldfingera woman who falls in love with Pussy Galore is contemptuously killed off near the end of the book. However, it's worth noting that Everyone Is Bi unless explicitly proven otherwise, and the trilogy's bisexual characters have a better survival rate. Bury Your Monosexuals, perhaps? The end of Book 1 ends with nuclear fallout rendering the city of Datum Madison uninhabitable. Book 2 picks up ten years later, and Monica Jansson, the series's only openly gay character, is dying of radiation poisoning. Possibly Justified in that she exceeded the amount of time she was supposed to spend working Search and Rescue, but it's implied that so did Joshua and Sally, neither of whom are shown suffering any ill effects.

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