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Union says Canada Post must deal with 'injury crisis' if walkouts to end

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The motion, if passed, would allow the legislation through multiple legislative steps in one day, something that can often take weeks or months. It is possible for the bill to pass through the House of Commons on Friday, should the government be ready to start debating it, but it would still need to be passed by the Senate before it could come into effect.

The Senate has passed a motion to sit on Saturday, a rare occurrence, in case they are needed. The bill spells out the process for the postal workers to return to the job "without delay" while continuing negotiations with a new, independent mediator-arbitrator. It also states that the legislation will come into force at noon on the day after it receives royal assent. Speaking to the bill and plan to fast-track it, Hajdu cited the coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and the reliance Canadians and businesses have on timely postal services, especially during the holiday season.

Canada Post said that they could expect delays of parcel and mail delivery in as a result of these rotating strikes. Canada Post has also told its commercial customers that at this point, it cannot honor its delivery standards for any product because of the prolonged strikes, and the strikes have created backlogs of mail and parcels," Hajdu said.

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