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Because of these feelings, women are often afraid of standing out from their peers as mature, sexual women.

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Fear of arousing repressed sadness: For many women, feelings of sadness related to emotional pain in childhood surface during a sexual experience, especially when sexuality is combined with emotional intimacy. For women who were mistreated or Orgawm early in life and feel unlovable, the contrast of being loved, pleasured, and sexually fulfilled brings out deep and painful emotional responses. When women try to hold back their sad feelings, they become cut off from themselves, both emotionally and physically, and removed from the sexual interaction.

They experience a heightened awareness slf themselves and the value of their lives. Paradoxically, these uniquely positive feelings come with a price—the special appreciation sekf life makes them aware of deep and painful sadness that their lives are terminal. Fear of being vulnerable: Combining sex and love leads to a sense of vulnerability and is anxiety provoking because many women and men are afraid of being completely committed to a significant other, especially if they have been previously hurt emotionally. Fear of arousing repressed memories of abuse and trauma: Being close sexually to a partner and freely experiencing orgasm tend to trigger unwanted memories in women whose histories include sexual abuse or molestation.

Any similarity between her partner and the family member increases the probability that these memories will emerge. Fear of loss of control: Women who rely heavily upon maintaining control as a self-protective defense mechanism are prone to be resistive to a freely expressive sexual encounter. This can show up in an overall fear of losing control or in more specific fears, such as fears of making noise or moving, or even fears of urinating or defecating when letting go. Control is related to existential issues of life and death.

This dissociation can inhibit feeling pleasurable responses in the here and now interaction during sex. It also is important that they come to realize that their problems in relating sexually and being close emotionally are not unusual in our culture. About the Author Robert Firestone, Ph.

Self Orgasm

sef Risk Assessment, Treatment and Case Oragsm. As I began to explore different kinds of sex and stimulation, I absolutely had regular climactic experiences that involved penetration primarily or exclusively. Because these climaxes were in many ways reminiscent of my earlier orgasmic experiences, because sex with my lover was so much more intense than masturbation had ever been, and because this was supposed to be the absolute ideal for couples like us, it became a bedroom priority without me even realizing it. This sex was good; the sheets were soaked.

Ortasm In the aftermath of this kind of sex, I felt energized, ready to take on the world, or write dark poetry, or meditate by candlelight. These were magical moments, the kind of sex that made me feel like we were absolutely doing it right. And yet I often felt the need to masturbate before falling asleep, setting off a little voice in my head whispering that my sex life must have been lacking. I shook my head at men who felt threatened by sex toys, but the same fears were nagging at both me and my partner. For a nonmonogamous couple like us, these feelings were problematic to say the least.

Human sexuality has always been a passionate interest of mine. I spent several years working as a phone sex operator and web cam performer, and even longer studying sacred sexuality and human physiology.

When feminism led me to the orgasm Orgasm self movement, I realized that despite all the knowledge and experience I had acquired, no one had ever told me that Alfred Kinsey found, way back inthat most women can Orgasm self themselves to a clitoral orgasm in four minutes. No one had explained to me that the clitoral complexincluding the internal erectile structures of the clitoris, are as big or bigger than the average penis. I was unaware that not one scientific study has ever shown evidence of female orgasm occurring without some kind of direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoral bud ie.

What is an orgasm? Must orgasm be defined only in its most clinical form: Or can an orgasm be something that happens in the brain with any overload of pleasure? How are orgasms measured? And if it is, then how do I talk about the specific orgasms I want and when I want them? I already found communicating sexual desires difficult enough, without the added ambiguity around what is and is not an orgasm. So I decided to make a change. I started by asking myself, where am I being touched? How does the energy peak change my body?

How long does it last?

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