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The coalition is made up of organizations sotre private citizens in Rockland County. Groups should appraise program and community capacity for policy adoption, implementation, enforcement, and defense. Some national partners indicated willingness to help, but many thought that the village was too small to attract the attention of the tobacco industry, and the speed and ease with which the village passed the law caught these groups off guard.

Juster provided feedback and approval of drafts. The Village of Haverstraw. Adylt 19, ; Available at: In addition, a community champion emerged who was passionate about the issue and spent her professional and personal time educating the Haverstraw Collaborative and the mayor on the issue and possible policy solutions. To date, the tobacco industry has not been successful in overturning a display restriction law in other countries. However, these efforts were unsuccessful.

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Reprints can be ordered at http: Am J Public Health. As a result of passage of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, localities can consider product display bans. It is not certain how a Ault would rule on such a restriction were it to come to court in the United States. Accepted December 23, Department of Youth and Family Services. July 9, Regular meeting of the Village of Haverstraw Board of Trustees Village attorney informed the board about the lawsuit regarding the newly adopted Local Law No. The coalition had no way of knowing whether the tobacco industry was monitoring what was happening in Haverstraw, but they advised legislators that a lawsuit by the tobacco industry was possible should the law pass.

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The Romantic Depot Rockland County Lingerie Center carries every category of sexy lingerie from petite to Plus size Lingerie including body-stockings, leggings, baby dolls, corsets, waist trainers, teddies, Thongs, Bras, panties, camisoles, chemise, robes, gowns, sexy costumes, halters, sexy hosiery, garter belts, high heel shoes and sensual creams, oils and body lotions. Center for Public Health and Tobacco Policy; University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. The law would not apply to adult-only businesses.

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