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Botanicore Latex: Why We Manufacture our own Latex Foam

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If price is a primary concern, blended Talalay hybrid comfort layers tend to be a cheaper option that is also fairly resilient.

matrezs Most all-latex mattresses range between six and 12 inches in thickness, while blended latex mattresses are usually eight to 12 inches thick. For optimal support, heavier adults should seek out an all-latex mattress that is at least 10 inches thick. Natural and organic latex mattresses feature bofanical constructed from materials like cotton lafex wool. Blended and synthetic latex mattresses, on the other hand, Natural botanical latex matress covers rendered from manmade materials like synthetic cotton. The overall feel between these two types is comparable — but eco-conscious consumers may prefer a mattress that only includes natural components, while cost-minded shoppers will usually find that mattresses with manmade covers are the cheaper option.

Organic and natural latex mattresses typically last for eight years, which is two years longer than the average mattress lifespan. Blended and synthetic latex mattresses tend to last for up to six years. You can increase the longevity of your latex mattress by replacing individual layers, but this may be a difficult process for some mattress models such as those with covers sewn to the top. Alternatively, some mattresses require home assembly and can be taken apart more easily. The warranty should be a major consideration for any mattress buyer. Warranty length is key; although latex mattresses typically last six to eight years, warranties for these models may run as high as 20 to 25 years in length.

However, warranties are generally divided into two periods: The owner is often required to pay more out-of-pocket costs during the prorated phase, which also tends to be the longest.

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For more information about warranties, please visit our guide to Understanding Mattress Warranties. Average Lifespan of ,atex Latex Mattress Cost of a Latex Mattress Material composition is the biggest factor affecting matreess cost of a latex mattress. Organic and natural latex mattresses tend to be the most expensive options. Average Mattress Cost by Material Type Queen Size Important Questions for Consumers Here are a few inquiries we encourage you to make when shopping for a new latex mattress online or in a store: Tensile strength and elongation under conditions of breaking are of no relevance, as a mattress core under circumstances of normal use is merely loaded by pressure and not by tearing.

Hardness The hardness is the resistance against pressure. The hardness and the density mass per unit volume of a matess rubber foam mattress core are interrelated. As the density decreases, a growing loss in hardness arises after repeated loading. Sag factor -What is even more important to comfort is that the mattress core feels soft and increasingly shows resistance as the core is further depressed. The quality "to react as equally as possible to a pressure or a load" is called the sag factor.

Latex Natural matress botanical

The higher this index, the better the latex supports the body equally. Latex foam performs obviously better with a sag factor up to 4! Durability fatigue -It is important that the hardness and the resilience mtaress the foam should be preserved over a longer period of intensive use. The durability can be tested in 2 ways: During a dynamic fatigue test the foam is repeatedly compressed to imitate the load bearing during a normal life span 10 years. A more relevant test however is the dynamic fatigue test. This test, according to ISO standard, loads a foam sample of 40 by 40 cm 80 times with a weight of 75 kg a force of N.

Afterwards, the loss in height and in hardness is determined in terms of percentage compared to the original value.

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