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Assessing Bisexual Stigma and Mental Health Status: A Brief Report

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Across nine different mood and anxiety disorders, bisexual women had the highest prevalence rates for seven out of the nine disorders Bostwick et al. In order to understand the health behaviors and outcomes of bisexual women—or any group for that matter—it is crucial ssexuals acknowledge the socio-cultural context in which they are located, which is to say one in which bisexuality is still highly stigmatized. Stigma experiences, in turn, likely operate as stressors among bisexual groups Brooks ; Meyer,accounting in part for the health disparities we see. Aims for the current paper are to: The study included a new measure of bisexual stigma.

The WHIS consisted of a short, self-administered survey and semi-structured qualitative interviews. All participants completed the survey. The survey took approximately 20 minutes to complete, and qualitative interviews ranged from 20 minutes to an hour.

The final N was 47, with 13 women also completing qualitative interviews. Convenience and snowball sampling were used to recruit participants. Information about the study was distributed through personal networks and listservs; in community publications, both LGBT-focused and general population; and via flyers posted in coffee shops, churches, bookstores, libraries and LGBT organizations. In addition, all respondents were asked to pass along study information to other bisexual women who might be interested in participating. Potential participants telephoned the study office to go through a brief screening, to ensure that they met inclusion criteria: However, qualitative interviews were only conducted in private locations.

Upon meeting, the consent procedures were outlined. Each participant was given a copy of the form for their records. Once participants signed the consent form, they were given the survey to complete.

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