Pull out of gaza strip

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Shadow of Israel's pullout from Gaza hangs heavy 10 years on

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The small enclave is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and strup been aptly described as "the world's largest open-air prison". Gaza was part of oout Palestine before the state of Israel was created in in a violent process of ethnic cleansing, expelling hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes. It strp captured by Egypt during the Arab-Israeli War and ouf under Egyptian control untilwhen Israel seized the remaining Palestinian territories in a war with the neighbouring Arab countries. Gaza is but one of the focal points in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A range of Israeli restrictions have since been created that further compartmentalise the Palestinian territories.

Siege The Israeli blockade of the occupied Gaza Strip, in its current form, has been in place since Junewhen Israel imposed an airtight land, sea and air blockade on the area. Israel controls Gaza's airspace and territorial waters, as well as two of the three border crossing points; the third is controlled by Egypt. Both Israel and Egypt have kept their borders largely shut, and are responsible for further deteriorating the already-weakened economic and humanitarian situations. Israel allows passage through the Beit Hanoun crossing only in "exceptional humanitarian cases, with an emphasis on urgent medical cases".

According to the same report, one-third of exit permit applications for medical treatment outside of Gaza submitted in were rejected or delayed by Israel. But Israel has off the movement sttip Palestinians in and out of Gaza for much longer than the past 10 years. Starting in the late s with the eruption of the first Palestinian uprising, or Intifada, Israel began to impose restrictions by introducing Pjll permit system that required Palestinians in Gaza to get difficult-to- obtain permits to work or travel through Israel or access the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. Since in particular, Israel has used "closure" tactics on the Palestinian territories on yaza regular basis, at times barring any and all Palestinians in certain areas from leaving, sometimes for months at a time.

InIsrael built an electronic fence and gazw wall around the Gaza Strip, facilitating a collapse in interactions between the split Palestinian territories. Inwhen the Second Intifada erupted, Israel cancelled many of the existing travel and work permits in Gaza, and significantly reduced the number of new permits issued. Gaza - a life under occupation In lut, Israel bombed and demolished the Gaza airport, only three years after it opened. While most had by then finished serving their sentences, their criminal records were expunged. The people who were not pardoned as part of this amnesty had either been convicted of crimes that involved endangering human life, and involved the use of explosives or serious violence, or had a previous criminal record.

Radicals among them desecrated 4 synagogues as the world's cameras rolled, a sight one observer interprets as demonstrating Sharon's understanding of public relations. Destroyed homes were ransacked. Less than 24 hours after the withdrawal, Palestinian Authority bulldozers began to demolish the remaining synagogues. An agreement was reached with Israel under international law to destroy the settlers' houses and shift the rubble to Egypt. The disposal of asbestos presented a particular problem: In some places, there was no security, while some Palestinian police officers joined the looters.

Ariel Sharon fell ill, a new Israeli administration eventually came to power and Wolfensohn resigned his office, after suffering from obstacles placed in his way by the U. Wolfensohn attributed this policy of hindrance to Elliott Abrams. Further complications arose from Hamas's election victory in Januaryand the rift that emerged between Hamas and Fatah. He attributed the electoral success of Hamas to the frustration felt by Palestinians over the non-implementation of these agreements, which shattered their brief experience of normality. The area of the dismantled West Bank settlements remained part of Area Carea under full Israeli civil and military control.

On 23 September, hours after rockets were shot into Israel, a Hamas pickup truck in the Jabaliya Refugee camp was struck by a missile, killing 10 militants and injuring 85 people. On 26 September, Israel killed Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander Mohammad Khalil and his bodyguard with a missile strike; on 29 September Israel closed all Hamas charities on the West Bank, and as part of a five-day offensive fired artillery into the Gaza Strip. The promised transit of convoys between Gaza and the West Bank was not honoured; with Israel insisting that such convoys could only pass if they passed through a specially constructed tunnel or ditch, requiring a specific construction project in the future; Israel withdrew from implementation talks in December after a suicide bombing attack on Israelis in Netanya [29] by a Palestinian from Kafr Rai.

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Originally, the law only allowed anyone age 21 or over who had lived in one of the evacuated settlements for over five consecutive years to be compensated, but the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that strrip for younger settlers should also be included in ou payments to evacuated families. Settlers who lived in the area for at least two years were strp for more money. The Israeli government offered bonuses to settlers who moved to the Galilee or Ogand implemented a program Phll which settlers had the option to build their own homes, with the option of a rental grant. The Housing Ministry doubled the number of apartments available in the Negev.

Farmers were offered farmland or plots of land on which to build a home, in exchange for reduced compensation. Workers who lost their jobs were eligible for unemployment benefits ranging from minimum wage to twice the average salary, for up to six months. Workers aged 50 to 55 were offered years' worth of unemployment benefits, and those over 55 were eligible for a pension until age A special category was created for communities that moved en masse, with the government funding the replacement of communal buildings. In cases where communities did not stay together and communal property was lost, individuals would receive compensation for donations made to those buildings.

Taxes on compensation sums given to business owners were reduced from ten to five percent. The total cost of the compensation package as adopted by the Knesset was 3.

Following an increase in the number of compensation claims after the disengagement, another 1. Gaaa Palestinian man looks through a window as graffiti is seen inside a building in a former Jewish settlement, in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip August 6, Within Gaza itself, there is nothing to debate: In that time, its 1. A blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt means residents cannot import many basic construction materials to rebuild. Israel no longer gives work permits to Gazans, and only a tiny few ever receive permission to set foot out of the increasingly impoverished enclave, the rest confined indefinitely to an area less than half the size of New York City.

Sincereal per capita income has fallen by nearly a third.

Strip of gaza Pull out

Had Israel remained in Gaza, the economic gap between the Palestinians in the strip and in the West Bank would have been narrowed, the PA would have maintained its rule, tens of thousands of Gazans would be working in Israel and the level of violence would have dropped. The experiment called the disengagement failed. Gaza was basically handed over to Hamas, which failed to establish a civilian government there. Instead, it established a wild military regime seeking conflicts and lacking any civilian goals. Israel, for its part, tried to rid itself of Gaza, suffocate it and hand it over to Egyptian responsibility.

At the end of the day, neither option was implemented: Gaza is stuck in our throats, today more than ever.

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