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By Peter Kua on 21 February in Case StudiesProfessional Services Find out how Supahands - a technology company headquartered in Malaysia and providing business processing services with specialties in content moderation vata database management - accelerated the kickstarting of their projects by 5X using Aisan routing algorithms. This panic is among the Chinese-American community is, in many ways, warranted. However, it does not have to be this way — it may be that colleges will simply allocate more space for AAPI as a group with the understanding that not all AAPI come from backgrounds with economic or educational privilege. These data collection efforts are a necessary step towards developing public policy that acknowledges and responds to the unique needs of historically marginalized AAPI subgroups.

And as machine learning algorithms become more sophisticated, machines will assume services-type roles. Ina coalition of Asian-Americans brought a suit against Harvard University, accusing the school of practicing race-based discrimination to artificially limit the proportion of Asian students admitted. Eventually, a revised version of the bill passed in —but excluded mention of educational disparities and only asked that the state Department of Public Health collect demographic data on topics such as rates of pregnancy and major disease.

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The difficulty is that unlike Hispanics in America, who are largely Catholic and Spanish-speaking, Asian-Americans speak different languages, Asian data different religions, and come from different cultural backgrounds, and the consequence of that heterogeneity are unequal outcomes. And at the California Institute of Technology, where admissions is blind to race, legacy, and athletic accomplishments, it is 42 percent. Meanwhile, at University of California, Berkeley, which is banned by state law from factoring race into admissions, the proportion of Asian-Americans is The fear is that if elite universities have an unspoken quota for Asian applicants, and disaggregated data reveals disparities between Southeast Asian-Americans and East Asians, more of those slots will be allocated for the former at the expense of the latter.

Without this information, it would have been difficult to argue for a campaign to increase rates of insurance among AAPI; with this information, policymakers would have data they need to argue for a targeted campaign aimed at Korean-Americans.

But the rewards—progress towards health and educational equity for all AAPI groups—is worth the price. April 13, An earlier version of this article stated that one in three Vietnamese adults has never completed high school. Census estimated that one in four Vietnamese adults has never completed high school.

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