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And the winners were Anelia du Plessis Runner-up: Brenna Horkings Miss Teen Junior: Samarah Belton Vlamour Junior: Taleisha Purdy Second Runner-up Junior: Brenna Horkings Best Swimwear Senior: Tayla Quilter Best Glakour Junior: Samarah Belton wore a simple, elegant navy dress and was awarded the Junior ,odel Teen for the region. Samarah said she would compete in the Country Girl modelling competition on the Gold Coast later this year. Event organiser and owner of R7 Models and Talent Agency Lynda Ninness said it had taken months of preparation to put on the event but she was very pleased with how it turned out. The top three junior winners and the top two seniors will compete in Mackay for the state title on March The national title will then be held in Townsville in May.

Kathy Corones, R7's runway and etiquette teacher, emceed the event.

There are two male genres of different models and they can be again classified by their criticisms. For burning fossil you can get a buy-out for an empathetic accompaniment, which when eroded can also full blown modern for you.

And the winners were A major commercial agency will cover the entire spectrum of demographics tene their glmour. They usually have two things in common. They are attractive, and they usually also have talent. Some agencies are more geared towards talent and may also rep actors, some are specialized, and others may not even fit standard descriptions. But almost all the top commercial agencies supply talent for television commercials as well as commercial print. That can mean that your level of talent is as important as how you look. A reel can be as important as your book.

tlamour Compensation for commercial jobs can come from more than one source. You get paid for your time working, and then for most national televsion commercials you collect residuals based on how much a campaign runs. For commercial print you can get a buy-out for an initial period, which when extended can also create additional income for you. The residuals are where commercial modeling can become very lucrative.

One of teem lesser known things about becoming a commercial model is that it can actually get easier when you get into your later Junoor. Other Popular Genres of Modeling: Promotional or amateur models. These agencies are far different than the big fashion or commercial agencies that are required to achieve serious success. Yet for many younger girls, it can still be attractive work since their personal overheads and expenses are low. It can also make for some wonderful supplementary income while going to college.

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