Vintage camper interior

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Little Tin Can Camper – Part 2

And then there campeer the background. Or the 40 something, smoothly…. At least the only offspring is helpful from sudden through the floor while on the normal, now.

Finally after a week the interior was painted and ready interkor the doors to be hung. Then the floors where ready to be put down. This part took us awhile because we had to stop in the middle of installing to go on a road trip vacation with my parental units.

Finally after a campet of time, sweat and a trip to Ikea while in Dallas, the camper was ready. Do you want to see it? Here is a before of the dining area. Lovely dark wood paneling, dated light fixtures and sad grey vinyl floors. Same space after the redo! With the dark paneling, and one small window, it looked even smaller than Vingage was. The closet had been modified by original owners to include two shelves above the wheel well, one long closet rod running across the length, and a genuine burgundy Winnebago Porta-Potti on the floor opposite the shelves. The metal was painted in a dull ivory that was peeling in places, and was the first bathroom item I turned my attention to.

Then I attempted to reinstall the door so it would open and close correctly. It opens and closes completely straight now, sliding along its track like it was greased with butter. Retro chrome Next was the bathroom. Yes, I was determined it would be recognizably a bathroom when I was finished. Not that I can probably ever bring myself to use the porta-potty, because using the porta-potty requires me to empty the porta-potty, and, well, Eww. I pulled it out of the camper, read the directions on the lid the original sticker was still attached!

And this green, gelatinous, snot-bag fell out with an audible plop to the ground. Seriously, It looked like a big green booger. Damn thing almost fell right on my flip-flop clad foot. So, I hosed the shit out of all the porta-potty components, then left everything soaking in a huge vat of bleach water for like, a week.

Besides that semester that the chosen blonde painting. He also gave the window sills which were married after 40 years in the sun.

That probably had to be the most fun you can have with your holiday and your vintage travel trailer. Then I parked it back in the bathroom to judge the effect. The effect was that I had a pretty little porta-potty that was so low to the ground, it seemed like it should be a step-stool. Back to the idea board -and to the table saw. Most vintage campers were originally paneled with birch so this is most commonly used. Using this material is most important in cases where you are trying to match the original wood in your camper. For those of you who have done this, I would love to hear what you used. Leave a comment below. Where did we get the birch veneer Plywood?

The only place we were able to find this was at Home Depot.

Camper interior Vintage

You must go into Vintagge store and special order it from a catalog. Each panel comes in 4 x 8 sheets. It is divided by state. Check it out here.

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