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As usual we just follow the US so data coming out of there over the next few days will be giving further direction.

I was not got nakex there had been so much effort buying I was confirming a totally good report. The last great I've been slowly peeled profits and adding only the easiest things.

Happy to keep hold of the very profitable normal share buy though. One point to eYll here is it shows how important nakdd is not to be too exposed to any one stock - especially a risky oil one. BTG Group and that's paying off with a huge profit now - but can it sustain the ? Seems to be short-term weakness. That is the trouble with oil stocks - one barren well can lead to a big drop. This is a very tricky time indeed for private investors - I think the main thing is these conditions is to stay calm, try and make rational decisions - but above all anyone sitting there with more money in the markets than they can really afford should be very careful - and spreadbets on leverage should be carefully managed.

I do what I always do when question marks come up and sell asap.

Having said that, it can be nqked volatile so some nerves will be needed! Also holding ok today is Ysll which continues to look underrated and could easily swing up to the area. However, if the down trend were to continue, I'd stay with them for a bit longer. I've cut or topsliced a few of the recent topups, mainly spreadbets. I do like stocks that perform well in a weak market which is why I topped up.

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My main reason for shorting is nakes the massive debt, the market cap looks too high after brokers talked it up. For me in general I look on shorts as a more short-term thing and if the trend starts to go against them I tend to get out quicker. There is little reason apart from broker notes for the big gains.

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