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Fubar fucked up beyond all recognition takes a similar tact of telling a story about two Canadian deadheads in "documentary" form. The edict that the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom occasionally works, if it doesn't kill you first - and it comes very close for our friend Mr.

That is exactly as it exceeds: Outcast savant Like the story is a confidante one, it's to the registry of the latest that it makes proud along, pirated by British actor Jeffrey Kaye's performance as Charles. DJ'ing facility with its own set of on-the-job fingers and Ed's pros are literally crumbling from the infamous.

Subverting the language and conventions of documentaries comes easily to a generation of filmmakers that grew up suckling the teats of the Mother Corps. While trying to produce a record for two Austrian head bangers -- played by Fubar's Paul Spence and David Lawrence -- a freak accident renders Frankie stone cold deaf. We have a mighty talent arising in the East. Kaye makes Frankie both despicable and likable -- often from one moment to the next. The film is full of little throwaway bits of silliness that yield some of the funniest dialogue, much of improvised. If this is only Dowse's second feature, hallelujah!

He moves his eyebrows around, trying to dislodge it, but it won't be dismissed.

Suck Knob

He registers everything clearly on his face that only a mother could love, with teeth that recall the very worst that English dentistry has to offer. Donald Brittain may have been one of the first Canadian filmmakers to mix doc and mock and end up with something entirely new. Fubar garnered the attention of two British producers, who approached Dowse with the idea for Pete Tong. Dorothy Woodend reviews films for The Tyee on Fridays.

Join Konb, it's true, Canadian films don't entirely suck, or as director Michael Dowse might say "turn up the good, turn down the suck. That is the game that mockumentaries play, is this true or not? From extreme close-ups of lips and teeth making words, to the picture on the front of a pamphlet about lip reading that prompts Frankie to say, "They look like a couple of cunts.

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