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But the NYC-based freelance social media manager says she could earn more followers — and thus more money — if she used the app: Is there a weird fish?

Me in bikini a Picture of

In Malta I almost dropped my phone off a balcony as I leaned out to post something on Instagram. When everyone I know is posting pictures that show how gorgeous they are, an evil element in my brain whispers: Then you might also be interested in: About 70 percent of Facetune users are women, its rep tells The Post. Some argue that digital perfection is damaging to the body-positivity movement more recently embraced by the magazine and fashion industries. Just bikini pictures she took in a full-length mirror.

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There was no beach, no scenery — not even any of the people that she went on Pictjre with. Are you lf someone? My friend Rosa, a student, 24, argues that she knows people who post bikini selfies who have the best of intentions. Surely Pictrue a sign of a magnificent amount of self love! But when we live in a society that constantly reduces us back to our bodies, and uses that as a way to corral and limit us, are the bikini selfies helping or hurting? My friend Emma, 28, a doctor, recounts with great hilarity the story of a work colleague who spent a fortnight on the Amalfi coast with 14 different bikinis. With a simple tap, drag or pinch of the fingers, users can instantly score an hourglass figure — prompting droves of fame-hungry Instagram entrepreneurs to go under the digital knife.

An app called Facetune has made photo retouching a cinch for even the most novice of editors.

But Ke know that you have a right to feel good about your body at any size, and this is about my issues, not the people posting photos. In one way, who can blame us? And while apps such as AirBrush and VSCO also give users the power of professional-level photo retouching, Facetune is winning the popularity contest: Anything that we can claw back and use to rebuild our battered self esteem has to be a good thing.

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