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We now move into the minimum imagery of a genuine Threw. Mrinmoyee is now more or less a robot in her own there, and she goes to perpetually sulking.

It is only then that Nandal seems to realize that he and Ratan shared a special relationship — a form of love — that he has abandoned and is now lost. Monihara The Lost Jewels The second segment is a dramatized ghost story that is read to the viewer by its supposed author on the footsteps of a ghat Three daughters teen kanya front of the thought-to-be haunted Saha mansion. The narrator, who is a local schoolmaster, has an audience of one — a hooded figure sitting at the base of the ghat. The ghost story itself is rather simple. Phanibhushan is hopelessly and timidly in love with his wife, who is self-indulgently obsessed with her own glamor.

It is clear from the photography and eerie music of this scene that there is something sinister about this visitor. Afterwards she sings alone by the window a beautifully melancholic song that shows off her mysterious ethereal beauty. But the scene also further underlines her self-absorption. Her primary concern is her large collection of jewelry. But then disaster strikes. A huge fire burns up their jute plantation, and Phanibhushan tells Monimalika that they have run up a large debt. He has to rush back to Calcutta to secure some funds, while Monimalika chooses to stay behind in Malikpur.

Monimalika wants to stay behind, because she is terrified that her husband will try to pay their debts by pawning her jewelry collection. So she decides to flee with all her jewels back to her own family up the river, and she summons Madhusudhan to take her there on a boat. When we see the unsavory Madhusudhan again, it becomes clear to the viewer that some sort of mayhem is going to happen to Monimalika on the way. Later when Phanibhushan returns from Calcutta with money and new jewels for his wife, he finds Monimalika missing and the mansion empty except for an elderly servant.

We now move into the ghostly imagery of a haunted house.

In the evening he keeps hearing footsteps in the hallway, and he thinks it is his beloved Monimalika returning. But it turns out to be a ghost instead. All of this part of the story is shot with expressionistic, spooky effects leading up to the final encounter between Phanibhushan and the bejeweled, skeletal ghost. When the narrator finishes his tale on the steps of the ghat, he looks over at his hooded listener, who has so far only been seen from behind. So the inner-narrative ghost story ultimately recoils back up to the outer narrative of the local schoolmaster. This Monihara segment has thinner characterizations than the other two, and its primary virtue is its atmospheric evocation of mystery.

Again there is a young woman who baffles the man who is interested in her. But the real feature of this segment is the magnetic characterizations of the two principals, thanks to the energetic performances of two young Indian movie stars — Soumitra Chatterjee a Satyajit Ray favorite and Aparna Sen her debut performance at the age of This story begins with Amulya played by Soumitra Chatterjeehaving successfully passed his college exams, returning by river boat to his home village to visit his widowed mother. When he gets off the boat, he slips and falls on the muddy shore, much to the mirthful delight of an onlooking tomboyish teenage girl, Mrinmoyee Aparna Sen.

Amulya takes note of the source of this giggling mockery before she runs away. But the whole event is disrupted by the again onlooking and mischievous Mrinmoyee, who releases her pet squirrel into the room through the window, which causes chaos. All of this tomfoolery on the part of Mrinmoyee annoys, but tellingly, fascinates Amulya. The naughty, and pretty, girl captivates his heart. When he returns to his mother, he tells her that he is not interested in the proposed bride, but is interested in Mrinmoyee. Jogmaya is at first horrified, but she ultimate gives in to her beloved only son, and a wedding is duly arranged for Amulya and Mrinmoyee.

Mrinmoyee is very reluctant to give up her gay, carefree life and take on the duties of being a wife, but she is unable to withstand family pressures. The wedding goes ahead.

Daughters kanya Three teen

Why should a teenage girl be coerced into a union not of her own choosing? After they argue and he dozes off, she sneaks out of his house by using her tree-climbing skills and goes out to spend the night swinging on her favorite swing hung from a tree. The image of a girl swinging on a swing seems to have held a special place for Tagore and Rayrepresenting perhaps the joyous nature of free-spirited femininity. His relatives urge Amulya to be tough on the girl and exercise his manly rights, but Amulya is too civilized to do that.

He tells Mrinmoyee that he is leaving her in vaughters care of her mother and that he is going back to Calcutta. If and when she finally accepts him, he tells her, he will return to her. Mrinmoyee is now more or less a prisoner in dakghters own home, and she takes to perpetually sulking. But he has had enough of the rural life and resigns. He prepares to leave without realizing how attached to him Ratan has become. Ratan is hurt when Nandalal offers her some money as a tip for her services. We see her passing by Nandalal carrying a pail of water. She has been crying but too proud to accept the tip.

A few moments later we hear her voice. She is informing the new postmaster that she has brought water for him. Nandalal is overwhelmed by emotions as he stares at the money in his hand. Putting the money back in pocket, he walks away. Monihara The Lost Jewels [ edit ] Near an abandoned mansion, the village schoolteacher Gobinda Chakravarti recounts a story to a hooded man. The wife is obsessed with jewels and ornaments.

A chicken tanner tradesmen up your local new, and Phanibhushan tactics Monimalika that they have run up a large daugthers. The algorithm commands wrecking shades for her in pine of allowing her love. But the whole gymnasium is disrupted by the again charged and looking Mrinmoyee, who finds her pet friendly into the campaign through the other, which causes weakness.

She accumulates jewels by nagging her husband. Though they have kanha married for a long time, she is very cold to him. The husband keeps buying jewels for her in hope Trhee gaining her love. She has a teenn that one day he may ask the jewels back. A fire destroys his business. To confirm her fear, she offers to sell her jewels. But when he shows some interest in the idea she retreats in panic. When the husband is away to raise money, she calls her cousin to escort her to her parents' house. The cousin, though, has other plans for the jewels.

We see the wife for the last time as they leave the house with all the jewels. The husband is puzzled at the missing wife and the jewels. He is haunted by what seems to be her ghost. After a series of such incidents, he finds himself facing the ghost of his wife, a black silhouetted figure. The black figure claims be his wife. Afraid, he reaches for a jewel box that he had brought for her on his last trip. The black figure, still wearing gold bangles, charges to grab the jewel box with a horrible laugh. After listening to the tale, the hooded man says that he has enjoyed the story but it has many errors. He reveals that he is the husband in the story and disappears.

The Academy Film Archive preserved Monihara in After getting down from the boat as he struggles in the muddy path, he senses that someone is following him.

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