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That any of these guys have body hair at all comes as a surprise to me. I am Aafon be the prettiest girl in that room! Ryan is pissed that he went out of his way to help and Austin just blew it off. He is marching along with the cast and crew of My Big Gay Italian Wedding, doggedly handing out fliers to try and market the show.

Now we see his stiff Dick visiting from Albuquerque. My gay november party is gonna be so concerned.

Everyone has shopping bags from a store called Behavior and Derek is over the moon auustin his new promotional consideration outfit. Having toured Europe extensively, they are excited about the chance to finally rock an American audience with their U. You can see his perspective at least. This week Mike is operating his own gay Make a Wish Foundation.

This scene seems very staged and awkward at first, with Tony uncomfortable and Mike having to lead a lot of the conversation in order to get across the salient points. My gay pride party is gonna be so fabulous. Reichen can no longer afford to be the sole breadwinner in the relationship, and Rodiney seems unwilling for that dynamic to change. Maybe Jake can get a green card so they can stay together!

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