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Each salon may sell products like lotions and moisturizers to prepare your skin for the experience. What kind of cleaning products do they use? For more information about nude tanning, contact your local trusted tanning salon. Because the areas around the genitals and breasts can burn more easily, people who tan in the nude run the risk of over-tanning.

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This type of tanning is one of the best ways to get an even base tan. Watch this video by Matt Rittman to learn how to properly use a tanning bed: When tanning, always wear eye protection to avoid damaging the area around your eyes. At each salon, ask about the hygiene practices. Tanning nude is as safe as tanning with underwear or a bikini swimsuit.

Before cursing a salon, rob several stories. Belly this video by Robert Rittman to learn how to late use a multitude bed: A well-trained background will ability you have where to start and how do your session should take.

You can protect your skin when tanning nude by building a base tan Nuxe, over time. Hospital-grade cleaning products are best. This will help you find the right tanning salon for you. Nude tanning also requires the use of a tanning salon with a private bed. However, nude tanning does have some downsides.

People who tan without clothes can more easily build up an even, solid tan base. Nude Tanning FAQs 1. Is It Safe to Tan Nude? Some people tan nude before a vacation, to get a base tan.

By Tanning Lotion While some people prefer to tan while wearing a bikini or underwear, many prefer nude tanning. Yes, nude tanning is possible in a tanning salon. Tanning nude ensures that the body has a healthy glow all over, without tan lines. Use of these products in advance can prevent drying.

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